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Steelers vs. Colts: Score, Twitter Reaction for 2016 Thanksgiving Day Football

With Andrew Luck out with a concussion, a Indianapolis Colts were given a firsthand demeanour during how many their Pro Bowl quarterback means to them. 

It turns out Luck means a whole heck of a lot. 

Ben Roethlisberger threw 3 touchdown passes to Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell rushed for 120 yards as a Pittsburgh Steelers took initial place in a AFC North with a 28-7 win over a Indianapolis Colts on Thursday.

The Steelers have a half-game lead over a Baltimore Ravens, who horde a Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. Pittsburgh has now won dual true games given a four-game losing strain that put a playoff hopes in jeopardy.

Roethlisberger and a flitting conflict accounted for 221 of Pittsburgh’s 369 yards, spearheading drives that non-stop adult a two-touchdown lead in a initial entertain from that a Colts never recovered. The Steelers quarterback finished 14 of his 20 passes, with their diversion devise creation a transparent preference to send passes down a field. 

Brown led a group with 91 yards on 5 receptions. This is Brown’s third multi-touchdown diversion of a deteriorate and 12th of his career. It’s a initial time he has ever scored 3 times in a game. Gordon McGuinness

Bill Barnwell of ESPN.com also supposing a accessible list of guys taken forward of Brown:

The Colts also had small possibility of interlude Bell, who consistently picked adult yards by a handful. Bell went for over 100 yards and strike a 20-carry symbol for a second true week, finishing with 120 yards on 23 attempts. After unwell to measure in his initial 5 games, he has strike paydirt in any of a final three.

Former Steelers good Jerome Bettis was vehement following Bell’s first-quarter score:

Nearly all of a Steelers’ prolongation from skill-position players came from Bell and Brown. Only 5 players held passes for Roethlisberger, and a Steelers mislaid a time-of-possession battle—mostly due to mental gaffes that extended Indianapolis’ drives. Pittsburgh finished a diversion with 7 penalties for 67 yards, compared to usually dual such mistakes by a Colts.

What might have been an event with Luck during a helm instead valid to be a array of frustrations and near-misses. Backup Scott Tolzien threw for 205 yards and a touchdown though clearly struggled for many of a contest. The Colts mostly finished middle and underneath routes notwithstanding a Steelers make-up a box for many of a game.

Pittsburgh twice stopped a Colts during a 1-yard line on fourth down. Both times Colts manager Chuck Pagano chose to go to a air, usually for Tolzien‘s passes to tumble incomplete. Those drives took what could have been a 21-21 tie in a fourth entertain and kept it a two-touchdown game.

ESPN.com’s Matthew Berry was confused by a calls:

Tolzien fell detached a bit after a second 4th-and-goal failure, throwing interceptions on a Colts’ subsequent dual drives. Two birds, one mill here by a The Ringer’s Kevin Clark:

Frank Gore spent his whole dusk bottled adult during a line of scrimmage, picking adult a season-low 28 yards on 15 carries. He has averaged underneath 4 yards per lift any of a final 3 weeks and underneath 3 yards a cocktail a final two.

The Colts now lay dual games behind a Houston Texans in a detriment column, putting their pull for an AFC South championship in jeopardy. The Texans horde a San Diego Chargers on Sunday. 

Luck, who missed Thursday’s diversion with a concussion, will expected lapse for subsequent Monday’s diversion with a New York Jets. 

The Steelers play horde to a New York Giants group that has reeled off 5 true wins subsequent week. 

Postgame Reaction

Pagano told reporters he was undone with his team’s miss of execution during a idea line:

“We had opportunities to make a diversion of this and we didn’t take advantage of them. The things we pronounced we had to do defensively—stop a run, not give adult large plays and play good situational football—we didn’t get that done, privately in a initial half. Third downs killed us. And, you’re on a idea line, you’re on a 1 yard line, you’ve got to be means to punch it in. We had opportunities to make plays and we didn’t make plays.”

Pagano also complimented Tolzien: “I suspicion Scott gave us a chance. we suspicion he played his donkey off. He’s one tough son-of-a-gun. He hung in there and hung in there and hung in there and finished some unequivocally tough throws and took some shots along a way. Very unapproachable of that kid.”

Brown spoke to reporters about Roethlisberger: “When you’re in a crowd with him, we know you’re going to have a possibility to make some large plays.”

Steelers manager Mike Tomlin discussed Brown’s career-best outing: “I don’t take it for granted, though I’m not astounded by it. He maximizes opportunities.”

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