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Staff and newcomer harmed after sight travels by Peterborough …

Three staff and a newcomer were harmed when a Virgin Trains East Coast use upheld by Fletton Junction during Peterborough during around twice a available speed.

At around 5.11pm on Sep 11 2015, a use from Newcastle to London King’s Cross upheld by Fletton Junction during 51mph, doubling a available speed of 25mph and causing a carriages to surge laterally ensuing in teenager injuries to 3 members of staff and one passenger.

An review found it is expected a sight motorist had lost about a participation of a speed limitation since he was dreaming and fatigued due to issues compared to his family.

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch also found that lineside signs and in-cab warnings might have contributed to him not responding reasonably as he approached a speed limitation and engineering controls did not forestall a overspeeding.

Neither Virgin Trains East Coast, nor a driver, had realised that family-related daze and tired were expected to be inspiring a reserve of his driving. Virgin Trains East Coast lane risk comment had not recognized a overspeeding risks sold to Fletton Junction and Network Rail had not identified that a speed extent pointer during a start of a speed limitation was smaller than compulsory by a standards.

The occurrence could have had some-more vicious consequences if a sight had derailed or overturned. The risk of this was benefaction since a lane blueprint was designed for a limit speed of 27mph.


As a effect of this investigation, RAIB has done 5 recommendations. Two addressed to Virgin Trains East Coast describe to enhancing a government of reserve vicious staff with problems compared to their home life, and deliberation such issues during a review of vulnerable events.

A recommendation addressed to Virgin Trains East Coast and an compared recommendation addressed to Network Rail describe to assessing and mitigating risks during speed restrictions.

A serve recommendation to Network Rail relates to deputy of operational signage when this is non-compliant with applicable standards.

The RAIB news also includes training points relating to handling personal problems that could impact a reserve opening of drivers. A serve training point, outset since of a check in stating a incident, stresses a significance of drivers soon stating incidents that could have caused lane damage. A final training indicate encourages a full bargain of a efficacy of reserve slackening supposing by infrastructure and signalling equipment.


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