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Sprint All-Star Race to hang with 2015 rules

  • NASCAR, that had toyed with a thought of regulating a due reduced-downforce 2016 manners package for a 2015 Sprint All-Star Race, has opted not to make a May 16 eventuality a saved exam and instead run it underneath a stream 2015 rules.

    Goodyear, NASCAR and a teams have spent several tire exam sessions experimenting with reduced downforce in perplexing to rise a tire that will work to go along with a due change, designed to give drivers some-more ability to pass by creation a cars reduction disposed to case behind a leader. NASCAR hopes to have a 2016 manners package dynamic shortly in sequence to give teams adequate time to get prepared for subsequent season, and it had eyed a All-Star Race as a probable approach to see how cars would conflict in competition conditions.

    But NASCAR announced Wednesday — a tiny some-more than 5 weeks before a May 16 eventuality during Charlotte Motor Speedway — that it will be run with 2015 cars.

    “Following a series of discussions with a industry, privately teams and Goodyear, we motionless it would be in a best seductiveness to say a 2015 manners package for a All-Star weekend,” NASCAR’s matter said. “The rival success on a lane over a initial 3 months of a deteriorate assures that a Sprint All-Star Race events will be good for fans in a stands and examination during home.

    “NASCAR also done this preference to assure that teams were means to sojourn focused on 2015 rules, not carrying to make any kind of adjustments that could take their ‘eye off a ball’ for a 2015 season.”

    NASCAR did make some tiny changes to a All-Star Race eligibility and format requirements:

    • NASCAR separated a 10-year sequence for past Cup champions and All-Star winners to be authorised for a categorical event. That got past All-Star winners Ryan Newman (2002) and Matt Kenseth (2004) into a competition even nonetheless they have not won a Sprint Cup Series points competition in 2014 or 2015.

    • NASCAR increasing a length of a competition by 20 laps, with any of a initial 4 segments now 25 laps instead of 20. The final shred is still 10 laps. Drivers will still need to come down array highway before to a final shred for a four-tire array stop. Drivers will enter a pits by sequence of normal finish of a initial 4 segments.

    • NASCAR tweaked a dual at-large spots accessible by a Sprint Showdown. Instead of giving it to a tip dual finishers of a eventuality that is divided into dual 20-lap segments, any shred leader of a May 15 competition will now allege to a All-Star Race a subsequent day. If a same motorist wins both segments, a second-place motorist in a final shred gets in.

    • NASCAR set a margin during a smallest 20 drivers. There are now 17 drivers authorised for a competition — 13 competition winners from 2014-2015 (AJ Allmendinger, Aric Almirola, Kurt Busch, Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Carl Edwards, Jeff Gordon, Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson, Kasey Kahne, Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano) and 4 past All-Star winners (Newman, Kenseth, Tony Stewart and Jamie McMurray).

    Kyle Busch, though, has not raced nonetheless this year as he continues to redeem from a damaged left feet and a damaged right leg suffered Feb. 21 during Daytona International Speedway. If no other motorist becomes authorised by winning a competition between now and a eventuality and Busch does not compete, dual drivers would get in by a fan opinion to get a margin to 20 (16 involuntary qualifiers, dual from Showdown, dual from fan vote).

    The drivers will contest for a $1 million check that goes to a winner, and they will benefit profitable information for a May 24 Coca-Cola 600. Drivers, though, had seemed to be understanding of contrast out a 2016 manners package in a All-Star event.

    The 2016 manners package is approaching to revoke downforce by 700 pounds or some-more from a estimate 3,300 pounds of downforce a cars now have. The horsepower, reduced this year from approximately 850-900 to 725, would stay a same. Downforce was reduced by 200-300 pounds for 2015.


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