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Someone listed Egypt’s boss for sale on eBay. Condition: ‘Slightly used.’

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi wants his countrymen to know that he would do anything to assistance their struggling economy.

“By God, if it were probable for me to be sold, we would sell myself,” Sissi said Wednesday in a burning debate on state television, according to a Associated Press.

Well, there’s an idea!

That sold acknowledgement stirred gibe — and one eBay user took it to heart. The user listed a Egyptian conduct of state on a auction website.

“For sale on eBay, Field Marshal, Doctor of Philosophy with a troops background,” review a ad, according to Al Jazeera English.

Sissi was described as “slightly used” by his prior owners, “Gulf royals,” Foreign Policy reported.

Sissi addresses council in Cairo on Feb. 13. (MENA around AP)

“Seller does not offer returns,” a ad stated.

The listing has been private though not before behest surpassed $100,000.

Selling an Egyptian boss appears to violate eBay’s terms. The association prohibits a sale of stolen property and human stays and physique parts.

This is not a initial time Sissi has done general headlines by articulate about Egypt’s economy: He pledged behind in 2014 that he would present half of his personal resources — as good as half of his monthly income — to assistance a economy.

Wednesday, Sissi suggested that 10 million Egyptians should present one pound, or about 10 cents, to a supervision any day to assistance fight a nation’s mercantile woes, AP reported.

The boss also pronounced Egyptians shouldn’t listen to anyone though him and that extreme critique represented inhabitant confidence threats, pledging to “remove from a face of a earth” anyone plotting opposite a government, according to a handle service.


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