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Some critical things to know about Google’s Pixel phone and Verizon (updated)

The attribute between Google and Verizon is best summed adult with a age-old adage: “It’s complicated.”

Things started off good adequate with a dual companies’ beginning flirtations. It feels like a lifetime ago, yet approach behind when Android was substantially different (yes, there unequivocally was such a time), Verizon played a pivotal purpose in removing Google’s then-unproven mobile height off a ground. Remember those iconic commercials for a original Motorola Droid? They helped spin Android from a small-scale examination into a tellurian phenomenon.

In a years that followed, Google and Verizon’s courtship got a small some-more rocky. For a prolonged time, Verizon spin synonymous with slow updates and muted support for inclination on a Android platform. It’s a repute a conduit has had a tough time shaking, all a approach by to today.

Now here we are, 7 years after that initial Droid, and Verizon is teaming adult with Google once again — this time as a “exclusive” conduit partner for Google’s new flagship Pixel phones. But reason a phone: Staying in line with a companies’ difficult history, this new arrangement isn’t utterly what it seems.


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