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Snapchat Tries Fresh User Boost With Friend Emojis, New Camera Features

By: Martin Blanc

Published: Apr 7, 2015 during 2:38 pm EST

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As a Snapchat heat continues to grow, a smartphone amicable media app has nonetheless again introduced a “best friends” feature; usually this time, it has enclosed fun emojis and updated a camera facilities for a users. Unlike a prior “best friends” feature, one’s tip friends are ocular usually to a Snapchat user – or snapchatter – and not their whole list, preventing many hearts from violation and enlivening many friendships to flourish.

The flourishing recognition of Snapchat has not left by unnoticed; a use is pronounced to be valued during good over $10 billion now. At a finish of 2013, Snapchat Inc. declined Facebook Inc.’s (NASDAQ:FB) takeover offer that had valued a association during around $3 billion, to refurbish a facilities according to their users’ preferences along with gripping their remoteness in regard. As compared to before, snapchatters are some-more relieved with a pledge of gripping their Snapchat activities divided from everyone’s gaze.

The best crony underline was abolished in Jan 2015 due to many controversies outset since of a many frequently used contacts being displayed on an individual’s comment for a rest of their hit list. With a latest best crony feature, Snapchat has ensured a users’ privacy, along with introducing a some-more colorful, interactive blueprint consisting of 6 new emojis.

The heart, sunglasses, grimace, smirk, grin and glow emoji designate one’s tip contacts who one frequently snapchats with, depending on a magnitude of snaps sent and perceived on a weekly basis.

  • The heart emoji subsequent to a friend’s name indicates that we are both any other’s best crony on Snapchat
  • The sunglasses emoji denotes that both users have one best crony in common
  • The expression emoji symbolizes that your series one best crony is also a other user’s tip best crony on Snapchat
  • The grin emoji signifies that we are their best friend; however, they are not on your Snapchat best friends list
  • The smiling emoji represents that a user is another one of your best friends
  • The glow emoji shows that both users are on a “snapstreak”; this radically means that a dual have exchanged snaps for uninterrupted days.

However, Snapchat calculates such friendships formed on a person’s communication with a specific hit rather than digging adult on personal sum by Facebook or other amicable media platforms.

With a introduction of a latest camera underline that enables a snapchatter to revise their picture; Snapchat has cut a con of relying on filters and has conveniently done snapchatting even some-more addictive than before.

Another underline combined to a app is a “needs love” option. This choice refers to contacts one frequency stays in hold with; enlivening socializing and highlighting one’s snapchatting patterns. Through such steps, a app has also taken an beginning to inspire users to use a app more, and correlate with those users who they competence have not contacted before a introduction of this feature.

So for unchanging snapchatters, a latest updates have usually led to an increasing use of a app and an even some-more increasing trend of a selfie culture. Snap away!


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