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Serious or only a ill joke? What we know about creepy jester reports





Reports of clowns vivid during slightest 10 states have people on edge.

Reports of clowns vivid some-more than ten states have people on edge. And, a reports keep coming.

Over a weekend, a Philadelphia propagandize district reported that military were questioning threats done by creepy clowns on amicable media. Likewise, a Spring Independent School District in Texas expelled a confidence matter overnight due to new jester hazard hoaxes done online.

Schools in Cincinnati, Ohio, closed on Friday because a lady reported being pounded by a masculine dressed as a clown. Another woman, who reported being pounded by a jester early Saturday, was after arrested after military reliable that she lied about being pounded by a knife-wielding chairman dressed as a clown.

So, is a creepy jester widespread critical or only a ill joke? Police are questioning a horde of reports from South Carolina to Georgia, and have done some arrests. Here’s what we know:


On Aug. 1, reports of Gags – The Green Bay Clown uneasy Wisconsin residents. Later, a masculine who set adult a Facebook comment that fueled review about Gags sightings came forward, observant it is all partial of an eccentric fear film entrance out around Halloween.

South Carolina

Reports of clowns terrorizing people in South Carolina started in mid-August. One woman reported observant a prime white masculine in clown-like facial makeup and red hair hire outward a laundromat. The lady told military a jester stared during her as she walked out, though didn’t pronounce or follow her.

In another report, children reported clowns were perplexing to captivate them into woods with money. Residents of a Fleetwood Manor Apartments in Greenville, S.C., reportedly perceived letters from skill management encouraging them to reside by a apartment’s 10 p.m. curfew, and not to let their children travel alone during night.

“Obviously, this is a form of explain that we need to take critical either it’s current or not,” pronounced Master Deputy Ryan Flood with a Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies have not perceived any new reports or arrested anyone.

North Carolina

Sept. 4, children reported a jester was perplexing to captivate them into a woods in a Winston-Salem neighborhood. According to dual kids, a masculine had on white overalls, white gloves, red boots with red fuzzy hair, a white face, and a red nose. They told military he offering them treats if they would come into a woods. Police said an adult listened a man, but did not see him.

A few days later, the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office perceived an different call that a jester was outward of an facile school, though it incited out that news was false.


LaGrange Police in Georgia said it had perceived several calls about clowns “in wooded areas perplexing to speak to children.”

At one point, a middle propagandize was underneath a “soft close down” given of creepy jester reports, Deb Myers with a Troup County School System told LaGrange Daily News.

Georgia military arrested dual people Sept. 14 for job 911 and allegedly creation fake claims about clowns perplexing to captivate children into a van. Officials didn’t find any clowns.

Sept. 20, a Facebook page was combined (it has given been taken down) fueling fears in Georgia. The page pronounced clowns would be pushing to internal elementary, center and high schools to kidnap children. LaGrange military department obtained warrants and arrested 4 people they trust are obliged for a threats.


A 10-year-old found obliged for creation “clown threats” to Montgomery Public Schools in Alabama was arrested Sept. 21. Earlier that week, military arrested dual high propagandize students behind a since-deleted Facebook comment named ClappyAndslappy DaClown, that expelled a 5-minute video melancholy assault opposite Troy residents.

Additionally, military are looking for a person(s) obliged for a Facebook page, that has given been deleted, underneath a name Bingerman Clownferd. The amicable site threatened to visit Montgomery schools and kick students.


A jester call done Sept. 21 in Tchula, Miss., incited out to be true. Police Chief Kenneth Hampton pronounced he saw someone wearing a mask, a multi-colored wig and overalls around 11 p.m. on Wednesday. The person, who was carrying what looked like a machete, ran divided after observant a unit vehicle. The chairman in a jester outfit has not been seen since.


The Salisbury Police Department of Maryland recently investigated two reports of jester sightings. Callers pronounced they saw 3 people dressed as clowns stealing in underbrush and jumping out to shock people on Sept. 25. All 3 were reported to be wearing jester masks with orange and blue hair. Officers weren’t means to locate any clowns.


The Augusta County Sheriff’s Office has perceived countless calls per jester sightings in Fort Defiance, Va. One news pronounced several people were dressed as clowns in a woodland area. According to Virginia Code Section 18.2-422, a chairman over a age of 16 is taboo from wearing a mask, hood or other device to cover or disguise a temperament of a wearer. A defilement of this formula territory is a Class 6 felony, that is punishable by one to 5 years of bonds and a excellent of not some-more than $2,500, according to a release. Either or both might request if convicted of this offense, Sheriff Donald Smith said.


The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office has perceived multiple reports of “creepy clown” sightings.

Sept. 28, a lady walking her dog pronounced she saw a chairman wearing an all-white jester dress emerge from behind a tree in Indian River County, Fla. The chairman had red hair and was wearing a mask, she said. The following day, a father called military observant his child and other classmates were chased by a chairman wearing a jester facade after they got off a train in a Vero Lake Estates area. Later that night, a child reported observant a clown. None of a clowns were armed and there were no injuries.

A lady reported observant dual clowns final weekend near Victoria Park, Fla. She pronounced a clowns were staring during her. It’s misleading if they were perplexing to shock or mistreat her, but police expelled an warning to surrounding agencies and searched a wooded areas and tyrannise marks nearby U.S. 1. The clowns were not located.

“The problem is that someone dressed like a jester could shock someone and there’s a possibility, a probability we could finish adult with someone removing shot,” pronounced Lt. Mike Bandish of a Palm Bay Police Department. “A chairman could consider that they’re about to get robbed.”


The many horrific jester news came from a Reading, Pa., area where a 16-year-old wearing a jester facade pushed adult onto his head was fatally stabbed, according to AP. Previous reports were misleading about who was wearing a mask.

This week, students during York College in southern Pennsylvania reported observant people dressed as clowns, both on campus and off. Campus reserve responded to 8 opposite reports given Sept. 24. One different tip reported on Sept. 26 that there was a automobile full of clowns presumably armed with weapons. Officials didn’t find any clowns.

In Pottsville, military were questioning after clowns were seen yelling during children. A lady told a TV hire that a jester had chased her and her friends and after threw a broken stick during them from a woods.

On Oct. 2, Philadelphia propagandize district officials and police announced they were investigating creepy jester threats done opposite internal schools on amicable media.

“The reserve of a children and a communities surrounding a schools is a tip priority for us and we are holding this matter seriously,” officials pronounced in a matter expelled over a weekend.


Colerain Police Department in Cincinnati, Ohio, arrested a youthful Sept. 29 in tie with jester threats to mistreat students during Colerain High School.

Reading schools are sealed Friday after a lady reported being attacked by a masculine dressed as a clown. The lady told military that a assailant done a hazard opposite students. No arrests have been done in a conflict and schools were sealed out of regard for of students that travel to propagandize early, according to a Reading Community City School District.

Around 2 a.m. Sept. 27, a lady called military in Lancaster, Ohio, observant she saw someone dressed as a clown holding a vast kitchen knife. Police talked with witnesses during a scene who pronounced they saw dual people dressed as clowns: one in a bullion fit with balloon and another in all black. Officers checked, though were incompetent to locate a clowns.


Two suspects, one wearing a jester mask, carried explosives into a Memphis bank Sept. 28. The span stole an different volume of income and fled in a black sedan. Memphis military are acid for them.

Two south Nashville Metro Schools went underneath a soothing lockdown following a social media hazard reportedly involving a clown, according to information from school officials and a Metro-Nashville dispatcher. Authorities pronounced a threats weren’t credible.


A Facebook post melancholy to kidnap students and kill teachers caused several mid-Missouri schools to go on lockdown Sept. 30, ABC 17 News KMIZ reports.

A week earlier, some reported observant clowns, one nearby a high school, in a Ozarks, KSPR ABC 33 reports.


Fort Collins Police Services and Poudre School District were told Sept. 28 of a threatening Facebook message. The message, that threatened students at Poudre High School, came from a now deleted page regulating a jester form picture. The Fort Collins military are investigating.


Sept. 30, a lady in Portland pronounced a masculine wearing a china jester mask, black wardrobe and black gloves started banging on her driver-side window during an intersection, OregonLive reports. Sgt. Pete Simpson, orator for a Portland Police Bureau, told OregonLive he didn’t know of a incident.

Sept. 28 a lady reported observant a masculine in Central Oregon wearing a clown facade with blue-painted teeth. Police were incompetent to locate a clown.


In Texas, mixed schools have perceived creepy jester threats.

On Oct. 2, a Spring Independent School District expelled a confidence matter due to new jester hazard hoaxes done online.

Spring Independent School District in Texas said in a Facebook post that investigators reliable a threats were a hoax, though a additional confidence measures were being taken on propagandize campuses.

“We ask relatives and students to endorse contribution and be discreet of what they share around amicable media, nonetheless we do conclude students and relatives alerting a Spring ISD Police Department to intensity threats,” a district pronounced in a post.


Delaware State Police and University of Delaware Police have received reports of jester sightings, according to officials with a departments.

New Jersey

In Bound Brook, N.J., a high propagandize tyro told military a “creepy clown” stepped out of a underbrush as a tyro walked to category on Monday morning. According to police, a masculine resembled a impression from Scream. 

On Sept. 30, a man who lives in Spotswood, told military a chairman dressed as a creepy jester peered into his windows around 1:00 a.m.

Police checked a area though were incompetent to locate a clown, according to Spotswood Police Capt. Phil Corbisiero, a 24-year maestro of the department.

He pronounced military increasing patrols in a area, where there are many families with children.

“We’re going to take it seriously,” pronounced Corbisiero, adding that a jester sighting happened only weeks before Mischief Night and Halloween.

New York

Police arrested a masculine in upstate New York for falsely reporting a clown in Vitale Park in Lakeville, N.Y. Christopher Hooper posted a doctored print of a jester in a park, advising relatives to keep their children divided from a area and seeking people to share a post. Hooper’s post was was common roughly 200 times before it was deleted, according to police.

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