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Selena Gomez Accuses Justin Bieber of Cheating Multiple Times

Bieber, for those not gripping track, has been enjoying his summer—first palling around with rumored partner Hailey Baldwin (daughter of Stephen, niece of Alec), afterwards graphic frolicking in a bare with Instagram indication Sahara Ray, and finally, for a past week or so, hangin’ with Sofia Richie, a 17-year-old daughter of Lionel Richie (and sister of Nicole). Bieber is 22, so this new coupling isn’t accurately authorised in his home state of California.

Anyway, fans have not taken pleasantly to Bieber’s new choice of partner, and began bombarding a Instagram photos he posts of them together with lizard emojis and horrible comments—about a same turn of Insta-vitriol that the Beyhive levied opposite Rachel Roy, differently famous as “Becky with a Good Hair.” Bieber responded with a summary to his wild online fan army, famous as “Beliebers,” by posting a photo of him and Richie along with a following warning:

“I’m gonna make my Instagram private if we guys don’t stop a hatred this is removing out of hand, if we guys are unequivocally fans we wouldn’t be so meant to people we like.”


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