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Secretary of Commerce travels to Tampa to speak about Cuba


There are opportunities and obstacles when it comes to trade with Cuba.

Business leaders with knowledge on a emanate had one executive summary during a discussion on US and Cuban trade, their message, “patience”.

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker delivered a keynote residence during a Tampa conference.

Secretary Pritzker forked out Tampa and Cuba have a tighten and chronological connection.

She is also looking toward destiny development.

“President Obama and a group are fervent for a some-more open attribute with Cuba’s businesses and Cuba’s people,” pronounced Pritzker.

Pritzker also believes new trade deals should also concentration on giving Cuban adults larger entrance to tellurian rights and elemental freedoms.

“The initial idea that a administration has with Cuba is unequivocally to commission a Cuban people and to urge their situation,” pronounced Pritzker.

The Secretary says even underneath a stream restrictions of a trade embargo on Cuba there are business opportunities.

“The areas right now are telecommunications, agriculture, banking match banking is allowed, increasing remittances, rendezvous on an entrepreneurial turn The Tampa Community is full of folks who have good family in Cuba who are entrepreneurs here. Teaching a Cuban people how to turn entrepreneurs, that’s a large opportunity,” pronounced Pritzker.

Democratic Congresswoman Kathy Castor orderly a discussion with internal business owners and brook area politicians.

Castor believes there are many trade opportunities with Cuba though also believes it’s time for a embargo to end.

“Cuba is changing and we’ve got to inspire a mercantile changes and a tellurian rights changes and a approach to do that is not to continue to besiege them it’s to continue to push,” pronounced Castor.

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