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Scott Eastwood reins in nerves as ‘Longest Ride’ cowboy

NEW YORK — In “The Longest Ride” (opening Friday), Scott Eastwood seems a healthy as a bull-riding cowboy whose hilly intrigue with an art tyro brings out his supportive side.

That wasn’t how Clint’s son reacted after auditioning for a purpose of Luke Collins, a lead in his initial large studio picture.

“I felt I’d finished horrible,” Eastwood, 29, told a Herald.

But executive George Tillman Jr. (“Soul Food”) knew improved when he watched Eastwood’s “chemistry test” with Britt Robertson (“Under a Dome”), already expel as Luke’s adore interest, Sophia, in this instrumentation of a Nicholas Sparks novel.

“Their initial date was a stage they read,” Tillman recalled. “Scott kept putting his palm up, feeling his hair, and we thought, ‘He’s got this appetite and he’s relocating all a time, and she’s only still. It’s weird, though it’s operative since he’s a longhorn supplement and not used to a lady who’s in college and intelligent.’ ”

Eastwood, who has had teenager roles in a integrate of his father’s films (in­cluding “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Gran Torino”) and David Ayer’s World War II play “Fury,” grew adult in Hawaii and lives in California.

The universe of longhorn riders, where 8 seconds on a bucking drive is deliberate a prolonged ride, was surprisingly familiar.

“I’d been to rodeos as a kid, and we was a large fan of a competition before to a film. we knew about it and some of a stars.”

The studio wouldn’t risk permitting their superstar to float an tangible bull.

“But we went behind Fox’s behind and bucked a longhorn after we had filmed. (The studio wasn’t) too happy about it, though we only didn’t wish to go around articulate about what longhorn roving was about but unequivocally bucking a bull.”

How prolonged did he last?

Eastwood grinned, “About two-and-a-half seconds.”

The up-and-coming actor has already committed to dual high-profile projects — Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” and a DC Comics’ all-star super-villain team-up “Suicide Squad.”

“My father always said, ‘Just go make a film and a rest will tumble where it lies.’ ”


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