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Scotland perplexed by solar eclipse

The philharmonic saw most of a UK and northern Europe plunged into twilight as a moon upheld between a Earth and a object and expel a shade over a planet.

Clear blue skies in Angus, Fife, East Lothian and a Borders meant spectators had an roughly undeviating perspective of a event.

But it was during a best on a Isle of Lewis, where 98 per cent of a object was obscured.

Tourists flocked to a Outer Hebridean island to see it.

Eclipse watchers from around a universe also collected during a 5,000-year-old Ring of Brodgar mill round on Orkney.

Australian Graeme Horton trafficked from Melbourne.

He pronounced he had final seen an obscure in his home city roughly 40 years ago. 

He added: “This environment is most some-more fantastic than civic Melbourne. I’m not a devout person, though there’s something special about being here for an eventuality like this.”

Another tourist, Ella Poser, creatively from Leningrad, Russia, said: “This is a initial time I’ve seen a solar obscure and it’s a unequivocally smashing experience. The Neolithic sites are extraordinary too and I’ve depressed in adore with this place.”

It incited into an extra-special day for one Scots integrate who watched a obscure from Dunnottar Castle, nearby Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire.Blair Bowman, 24, waited for a sky to spin dim before proposing to his girlfriend, Zoe Coutts, 22.


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