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Samsung’s prohibited new Galaxy Note 7 still isn’t as quick as final year’s iPhone 6s

Yes, a Galaxy Note 7 is gorgeous, and it’s a phablet to kick this year. Check out a in-depth Galaxy Note 7 review if we wish to learn about all of a illusory facilities that make Samsung’s new phone so great. But a smartphone isn’t a fastest handset around, notwithstanding all a cutting-edge tech. It might unequivocally good do improved in benchmark tests than a Android peers, though when it comes to finally holding down final year’s iPhone in real-world speed tests – something no flagship has been able to do – a Galaxy Note 7 fails miserably.

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At this point, it’s not unequivocally astonishing to see Apple’s iPhones beat Samsung’s best phones in real-world testing. We’ve seen it time and again. And it’s positively not a warn with the Galaxy Note 7, given it facilities a same hardware used in a Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

Even so, it is a bit discouraging to see a iPhone 6s browbeat a rivals roughly a year after it was launched. PhoneBuff put a handsets through a elementary test: opening a set of apps on any phone in a same order, and afterwards reopening them from memory, again in a same order. The iPhone 6s stormed past a Galaxy Note 7 in a test, that appears to have much more absolute hardware on paper.

Sure, there are some caveats here. The Galaxy Note 7 isn’t using a latest Android chronicle available, nonetheless Android 7.0 Nougat isn’t out yet, so it couldn’t be. Also, we would have favourite to see a comparison between a Galaxy Note 7 and a iPhone 6s Plus since they’re both phablets, but that would have substantially had roughly the same results.

If that’s not enough, afterwards xda-developers has an even deeper opening examination of a handset. In a post patrician “With a Note 7, Samsung still delivers annoying real-world performance,” a site explains all that doesn’t go according to plan with a new smartphone.

This isn’t a unchanging discerning video comparison. Instead, xda dives low into what creates a Galaxy Note 7 parasite and finds that a phone isn’t means to keep adult with rivals. The Galaxy Note 7 is “trailing behind not usually other Snapdragon 820 phones like a OnePlus 3 and HTC 10, though also a year-old Nexus 6P using on Android’s latest preview.”

The end appears to be as follows: “Considering that Samsung packs a cream of today’s estimate energy with a UFS 2.0 storage, LPDDR4 RAM and a Snapdragon 820, we can start to perform a idea that something went wrong with Samsung’s implementation.”

Even worse, there appears to be additional feverishness entrance off a phone when we slightest design it. “Not usually have we found issues in real-world performance, though some of a writers also came opposite worried feverishness (close to 40° Celsius) while doing paltry tasks such as listening to song or examination YouTube videos on LTE,” a site also noted.

Of course, some of these issues can be ironed out in destiny updates. But it’s positively disconcerting to see a Galaxy Note 7 perform distant worse in head-to-head opening tests than we would design for a code new flagship phone. Read a whole xda examination at this link.


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