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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Night At The Museum

We took a examination indication for a whisk during a California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. It’s a good mobile phone, weighed down by neglected apps.PreviousNext

(Image: Thomas Claburn)

(Image: Thomas Claburn)

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge is a lovely, absolute smartphone. Sweetened with Android 5.0 Lollipop, it’s a pleasure to use.

Samsung sent me a examination indication and we took a device with me for a exam expostulate to a California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park on Mar 26 to try out a camera, one of a vital offered points for a S6 line.

After we lapse my reviewer’s chronicle of a Galaxy S6 Edge, we might usually buy one for Android mobile app development, once it becomes accessible in a US on Apr 10. (For some-more about a technical specifications, see Eric Zeman’s review.)

If we do finish adult shopping an S6 Edge, we doubt that I’ll occupy it as my primary phone, however. I’ve been regulating an Apple iPhone 6 for a past few months and have been happy with it. The Galaxy S6 Edge is positively allied to a iPhone 6, though we don’t see a constrained reason to switch.

I’ve usually had a day to play around with it, so what follows is my initial impression. we cruise myself a user of both iOS and Android, for those who accept such heresy.

The Galaxy S6 Edge is beautifully crafted and comes in a accumulation of colors. Its winding shade creates it seem as if it offers some-more earthy shade space than a iPhone 6. But in practice, usually a prosaic apportionment of a shade is serviceable for hold interaction, creation a submit area radically a same. Still, a bend creates a pleasing clarity of depth.

Aesthetics have to be accompanied by usability and there we find a Galaxy S6 Edge falls short. These are teenager quibbles, given usually tiny differences set a S6 Edge and a iPhone 6 apart.

I found a appropriate compulsory to entrance a camera from a close shade to be easier on a iPhone 6 than on a S6 Edge. On a iPhone, your ride doesn’t have to transport really distant to entrance a camera; on a S6 Edge, your ride has to transport further, requiring some-more counsel bid to span a compulsory appropriate distance. It’s not accurately a hardship, though UI refinements are totalled in millimeters.

Also, a volume of time it takes a shade to lapse to nap mode after dire a Home symbol – 6 seconds for a S6 compared to 9 seconds for a iPhone 6 – is usually a bit too short. we mostly found a S6 dropping behind into nap mode before we had a event to interact.

My biggest censure is that there’s too most program on a S6 that we didn’t ask for. When we appropriate left from a home screen, there’s an ad for T-Mobile TV and a ABC uncover Once Upon A Time. Not wanted. Swipe left again and there’s Flipboard. The Facebook app, along with Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp have been pre-loaded, as have Microsoft OneDrive, OneNote, and Skype. Lookout’s confidence app also comes pre-installed and after drumming on one of a notifications, we was presented with a shade to pointer adult for a company’s paid subscription service.

If we wish your software, I’ll download it. I’m peaceful to accept Google’s default apps given of a purpose in Android, and Samsung’s apps given Samsung done a phone. Apps from other companies shouldn’t be there.

Aside from my abdominal dislike of uninvited marketing, we enjoyed my time with a S6 Edge.

On a following pages, you’ll see unboxing photos taken with my iPhone 6. The residue were taken  with a S6 Edge. Though we did embody one stage taken by both devices, this isn’t meant to be a detailed peculiarity comparison – these images were not taken underneath tranquil conditions nor with unchanging settings. And they’ve been resized by a calm government system, that alters picture quality.

That said, we benefaction to we Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge and a night during a museum.

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