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Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera Already Dethroned – Forbes

LG 1.8 lens LG teases an f/1.8 lens on the G4 smartphone (Image Credit: LG Mobile Gobal)

We’ve heard great things about Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge cameras, with early tests reporting truly excellent performance, but could the Galaxy S6’s crown have toppled even before Samsung’s latest flagships have gone on sale?

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Rival Korean manufacturer, LG, posted yesterday an invitation to the launch of the company’s forthcoming G4 handset in the form of a teasing YouTube video. Running at a mere 42 seconds, the video focuses very clearly on just one aspect of the G4 – its f/1.8 camera lens.

The video consists almost entirely of a disembodied lens floating through a night sky. Looking through the lens, we watch the dark cityscape below appear brighter as we pass overhead, before the new phone is shown in silhouette, emblazoned with a large “F 1.8” and  announcing the G4’s official unveiling on April 28th.

This spectacular piece of nought-point-one-upmanship is clearly a well-aimed swipe at the  f/1.9 lens of the Galaxy S6 – currently the brightest we’ve seen in a mainstream smartphone.

Lens aperture alone is hardly enough to tell us how well a camera will perform in the real world- the imaging sensor and digital processing capabilities can and do have a much greater effect on the final result- but clearly LG feels brave enough to pit the G4 camera against the Galaxy S6, and this means coming up with something very, very good indeed if considerable embarrassment is to be avoided.

So how much brighter is f/1.8 than f/1.9? The answer is not very much at all.

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