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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review

While zero is central until Apple creates it so, there’s small doubt in many courtesy watchers’ minds that we know many all there is to know about a arriving iPhone 7 Plus. It’s going to demeanour eerily identical to a iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus, nonetheless with a few teenager pattern tweaks. It’ll also underline a new twin camera setup and upgraded specs nonetheless detached from that, it will for a many partial be a faster iPhone 6s Plus. To be frank, a iPhone 6s Plus is a good smartphone nonetheless a pretty lousy phablet, and we expected shouldn’t pattern many some-more from a new iPhone 7 Plus.

When it comes to phablets, Samsung is still brazen of a pack. And with a code new Galaxy Note 7, a company’s lead in a phablet marketplace has usually grown.

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I have lonesome this subject several times in a past, so I’ll elaborate quickly before we dive in. In a nutshell, Apple’s incomparable iPhone is only that: a incomparable iPhone. Apple put no bid whatsoever into building new facilities that make use of a device’s incomparable size. Apart from visible picture stabilization and a 1080p display, an iPhone 6s Plus is only a bigger iPhone 6s.

Of course, people wanted iPhones with bigger screens and so in 2014, Apple finally finished iPhones with bigger screens.

Samsung took a opposite proceed to the phablet market, that it helped settle behind in 2011. It wasn’t a initial association to sell an oversized smartphone with a vast display, nonetheless there’s small doubt that Samsung roughly singlehandedly popularized a category.

What is maybe many engaging about Samsung’s proceed to phablets as it compares to Apple is that Samsung famous right out of a embankment that there was so many some-more that could be finished with a incomparable board on a smartphone. Having all that additional space enables a far-reaching operation of new and useful features, and they can dramatically raise a user experience.

Samsung gets it, and a Galaxy Note 7 is a latest sign that a world’s tip smartphone businessman by conveyance volume is also a best in a business when it comes to phablets.


Before we get into what creates a Galaxy Note 7 a good phablet, we need to plead what creates it a good smartphone. And that begins on a outside.

Until final year, Samsung’s flagship smartphones were a unchanging source of beating for me and many others. A truly good high-end smartphone offers top-notch opening as good as a neat pattern and reward materials. Samsung has always had a opening partial nailed, nonetheless a company’s phone designs were unexcited and their cosmetic housings looked and felt cheap.

In 2015, that changed. The Galaxy S6 noted a outrageous branch indicate for Samsung; a phone’s pattern and build were finally on standard with a performance. Samsung used all potion and aluminum construction that felt illusory in a hand, and a device had a neat pattern to match. Subsequent flagship handsets like a Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 corner all featured identical designs, and now a Galaxy Note 7 takes things to a whole new level.

As an aside, yes, Samsung skipped a “Galaxy Note 6” name and went directly to 7 in sequence to softened align a Note array with its Galaxy S lineup.

Like this year’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, a new Galaxy Note 7 facilities a identical pattern to a prototype nonetheless offers serve refinements… and those refinements are deeply appreciated. At 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm, a new Note 7 is narrower, thinner and marginally shorter than a Galaxy Note 5 notwithstanding carrying a same distance screen. That arrangement — a new 5.7-inch Super AMOLED row with quad HD fortitude and a pixel firmness of 518 ppi — is definitely stunning.

Samsung’s smartphone screens have been best-in-class for years now. It’s gotten to a indicate where we take them for granted, that we suspect is a good thing. It speaks to Samsung’s coherence in this pivotal area. Each time Samsung launches a new flagship phone we consternation how a shade could presumably get any better. Then, a subsequent Samsung flagship comes along and proves that it is indeed possible.

Plainly put, we won’t find a softened arrangement on any smartphone. Graphics and images are frail and transparent on a Note 7, blacks are deep, colors are colourful and a contrariety is outstanding. Once again, we’re left wondering how Samsung could presumably urge on this display.


The one emanate some might have with a new Galaxy Note 7’s screen is a fact that it is winding on possibly side. The winding edges are one of my favorite things about a phone, and copiousness of people agree. While Samsung doesn’t news conveyance total for a smartphones, gossip has it that a Galaxy S7 corner has been a vast seller for a company.

Not everybody likes a curves on Samsung’s newer phones, however. That said, if you’re one of a people who has historically not been a fan of phones like a Galaxy S7 edge, give a Note 7 a possibility before we boot it.

The phone facilities front and behind Gorilla Glass 5 panels that bend many some-more neatly during their edges. The outcome is a phone that’s impossibly gentle to reason notwithstanding a vast size, nonetheless there is also reduction visible exaggeration on a edges of a shade when we demeanour directly during it. That exaggeration has been a censure that we hear mostly among users, so it’s good to see Samsung residence it.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 will also make a Note 7 distant some-more expected to tarry drops, that is a good thing deliberation how frail Samsung’s potion phones have been compared to a competition. The phone will also tarry spills and even dunks interjection to IP68 water- and dust-resistance.

Beneath a Note 7’s beautiful arrangement is an form home symbol with an embedded fingerprint scanner. Above a shade is an unmissable Samsung logo, an ear speaker, a primary front-facing camera, and a delegate camera with a apart infrared blaster. Those final dual components mix to make adult a phone’s iris scanner, that is a initial for widely permitted smartphones.

In serve to fingerprints, PINs, patterns and passcodes, a Galaxy Note 7 offers iris scanning as a means of security. The setup is comparatively elementary and after a initial setup, we can use eye scans in place of other means of confidence to clear your phone or benefit entrance to a new Secure Folder.

The Secure Folder, by a way, is an overwhelming new underline on a Note 7 that gives users a special folder with an additional covering of confidence in that they can store files, photos, videos and even instances of apps. That means we can have a main instance of Gmail for your personal email and afterwards a second stable instance in your Secure Folder for your work email.

To entrance those emails and any other files in a Secure Folder, you’ll need to substantiate again with a password, fingerprint indicate or an iris scan. This approach we can clear your phone and let a crony or family member use it nonetheless carrying to worry about your private files being accessed.

There is a premonition with a new eye scanning feature, though. While tangible iris scans are impressively discerning — during times, a eye scanner unbarred my Galaxy Note 7 examination section before a iris scanner shade even had time to arrangement on a phone — unlocking a phone with an eye indicate takes longer than other methods since a iris scanner is not enabled when we arise a phone. Instead, we have to arise a Note 7 and afterwards appropriate a shade to a right to activate a iris scanner. This was finished to forestall iris scans from unlocking a phone when a user wakes it to perspective notifications on a close screen.

Also of note, a phone warns several times during a setup routine that hit lenses and eyeglasses can impact a iris scanner, nonetheless we haven’t had any problems with possibly form of lens.


Moving past a face of a Galaxy Note 7, a right steel corner is home to a energy symbol while a left corner binds volume adult and down buttons. The tip of a phone has a SIM and microSD label container as good as a delegate microphone for sound cancellation, and a bottom corner has a headphone jack, a USB Type-C port, a primary mic, a orator and a new and softened S Pen stylus.

Around behind you’ll find a second winding Gorilla Glass 5 row that mirrors a front exactly, nonetheless it doesn’t have any oleophobic cloaking so it’s a magnet for douse and grime. Beneath a unavoidable covering of pollution you’ll find another glossy Samsung trademark in box we missed a one around front, “Galaxy Note7” branding, a vast camera lens with a apart LED peep and sensor cluster.


The camera on a Galaxy Note 7 is of sold interest, not only since it’s a best smartphone camera in a world, nonetheless also since it’s a accurate same camera as a one found on a Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

Samsung has historically enclosed an softened camera with any new flagship model. But with a Galaxy Note 7, Samsung chose to make no changes to a camera hardware found on a S7 and S7 edge. On one hand, because not use a same camera? Samsung’s 12-megapixel Dual Pixel camera takes a tip peculiarity photos we’ve seen from a smartphone camera so far, with overwhelming clarity, illusory tone facsimile and considerable low light performance. But on a other hand, Samsung’s rivals won’t mount still. The company’s lead in this all too critical area could slight or even be sealed wholly when a new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are expelled subsequent month.


Inside a neat new smartphone, we find a quad-core Snapdragon 820 chipset regulating a show. The processor combines dual 2.15GHz cores with dual 1.60GHz cores to offer energy when we need it and battery assign when we don’t, that is definitely appreciated deliberation a outrageous 2K arrangement that a Galaxy Note 7’s 3,500 mAh battery contingency power.

Where opening is concerned, a Snapdragon 820 and Samsung’s tuning leave users with a phone that is simply on standard with a tip handsets in a world. The user knowledge is as well-spoken as you’ll find on any Android phone, and a handset managed an normal AnTuTu measure of 141,434 in my tests. That’s not utterly good adequate to beat a Moto Z Droid, nonetheless it’s still among a top scores in a world.

The phone’s outrageous battery provides some-more than adequate extract to lift many users by a full day, and afterwards some. In fact, a battery lasted for a full day even while we was contrast a phone for this review, when my use was distant heavier than normal. Samsung says a battery is good for adult to 14 hours of internet use on possibly LTE or Wi-Fi, or adult to 18 true hours of video playback.

To enrich a vast battery and considerable battery life underneath normal circumstances, Samsung also combined dual opposite energy saving modes in serve to connected discerning charging record as good as wireless discerning charging. How discerning is “fast”? we haven’t conducted any systematic tests nonetheless anecdotally, a Galaxy Note 7’s 3,500 mAh battery seems to fill about as discerning as a 1,715 mAh battery in my iPhone 6s… regulating wireless charging. It’s even faster when regulating a connected discerning horse Samsung provides.

Beyond that you’ve got 4GB of RAM along with 64GB of inner storage. Samsung motionless not to give shoppers any options this year when it comes to capacity, instead mouth-watering them to use a microSD label if they have a need for some-more space. Of note, people who preorder a Note 7 and even people who squeeze one after it launches can name possibly a giveaway Gear Fit 2 or a giveaway 256GB Samsung microSD card, while reserve last.

I suggest a memory card, that has a aloft sell value nonetheless also leaves we with a 320GB smartphone that costs a same cost as a 64GB iPhone 6s Plus.


Samsung’s TouchWiz program has perceived serve refinements on a Galaxy Note 7. Even nonetheless a phone ships with Android Marshmallow 6.0.1, that also powers final year’s Galaxy Note 5, there are copiousness of visible and organic differences. The many poignant among them revolve around a phone’s S Pen stylus and a program apartment that supports it.

The S Pen itself has been redesigned and improved, with a smaller tip that feels roughly like a genuine coop when we use it to jot records on a Galaxy Note 7’s screen. Speaking of notes, Samsung’s treacherous setup consisting of 3 opposite note-taking apps has thankfully been nixed and transposed with a singular Samsung Notes app that covers all a bases and facilities a neat and elementary interface formed on Google’s Material Design UI.

You can start to suffer a Note 7’s new S Pen facilities before a phone is even unlocked. By stealing a stylus while a handset is asleep, a Screen Off Memo duty is launched that lets we jot down a memo on a phone’s dim display. This underline is zero new, nonetheless that’s not a finish of it — on a new Galaxy Note 7, we can pin those records so that they appear on your Always-On Display, or AOD.

For example, we can jot down a discerning selling list and afterwards pin it to your screen. This way, your list is permitted right on your nap shade and we don’t have to arise and clear your phone as we make your approach by a super market. Instead, we can only take your Note 7 out of your slot and double-tap a pinned note idol on a Always-On Display.


Other new S Pen facilities are permitted by a Air Command menu that opens when we float above a arrangement and daub a symbol on a stylus. Notable additions embody a increase duty that moves a magnifying potion above a arrangement as we float so we can wizz in on text, a interpret underline that translates comparison content from one denunciation to another, and a peek underline that keeps an app open as a thumbnail during a bottom of a shade and lets we preview it full shade simply by hovering over it with a S Pen.

Another really cold new S Pen underline that we have a feeling is going to be a fan favorite is a integrated GIF maker. With a Smart Select underline permitted by a Air Command menu, we can name any video personification on a screen. As a video plays, record and stop buttons let we name a accurate apportionment of a video that we wish to spin into a GIF. Once you’ve available a video, an in-built editor lets we tweak it until it’s perfect, and a shave can afterwards be saved and common as a GIF.

Here’s a good discerning video from CNET that shows how it works:

With a Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has taken a outrageous step brazen in scarcely each area we can imagine.

The hardware is a big improvement over final year’s indication even nonetheless a pattern of a phone looks many a same from afar, aside from a winding potion face. The exquisite winding potion on a front and behind of a device assistance it fit distant some-more absolutely in a palm than any other likewise sized phone in a world. In fact, it’s some-more gentle than some smaller phones, too.

Samsung’s chronological clever points are strengthened even serve with this new phablet. The arrangement on a Galaxy Note 7 is definitely stunning, featuring illusory clarity and clear colors that burst off of a screen. The device also packs copiousness of muscle, with tons of energy when we need it and intelligent facilities that preserve battery life when we don’t.

Other facilities like connected and wireless discerning charging as good as dual opposite energy saving modes assistance safeguard that your Note 7 always has extract when we need it. As a fun small FYI, a phone will final some-more than 140 hours on a full assign while regulating Samsung’s “max” energy saving mode. That’s roughly 6 days.

Finally, a Galaxy Note 7 is upheld by a ever-expanding and ever-improving Samsung ecosystem. There’s a new and softened $99 Gear VR headset launching alongside a Note 7 as good as a $350 Gear 360 camera that can fire 360-degree video. Then you’ve got all of Samsung’s on-device apps and services, including one that we don’t consider gets a courtesy it deserves: Samsung+. The app includes copiousness of resources such as guides and evidence tools, and it also has a video discuss underline that connects users directly to Samsung’s support group when we need help.


The finish outcome is a device that delivers a some-more extensive knowledge than any opposition smartphone in this class. It will now turn a best phablet on a marketplace when it launches on Aug 19th, and we would be peaceful to peril that it’ll still be a world’s best altogether phablet come September, even after Apple releases a next-generation iPhones.

Apple hasn’t nonetheless begun to combine on entirely utilizing a additional space afforded by a phablet to offer intelligent facilities that compute a Plus models in any suggestive way. It will during some point, symbol my words. But until then, Samsung’s Note smartphones sojourn a undisputed kings of a phablet category.

There’s a Galaxy Note 7, and afterwards there’s all else.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 will be expelled this Friday, Aug 19th, in a United States and several additional markets around a world. The phone carries a full sell cost of $850, nonetheless pricing varies by carrier. Each U.S. conduit also offers monthly installment plans, that have been minute in this post.


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