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Russell Westbrook chooses a Thunder (and money)

Good morning. Let’s basketball.

RU$$ELL: The Thunder have pulled off a vital victory, convincing Russell Westbrook to pointer an prolongation that will boost his 2016-17 income and keep him underneath agreement for one additional season. The renegotiated agreement includes a income composition for 2016-17 (achieved regulating OKC’s leftover top space), a entirely locked-in 2017-18 and a actor choice for 2018-19. Doing it this approach allows Westbrook to make some-more income now and strike giveaway group in 2018, when he has 10 years of use underneath his belt and can pointer a understanding for 35 percent of a income cap.


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It’s a win for everybody though a Celtics and a hopes of any other 2016-17 MVP hopefuls. Even Kevin Durant advantages from this in a approach since a OKC feat dampens a OKC improved during his hands. Westbrook is going to be contingency watch TV subsequent year.

THE COMPETITION: I ranked a other 11 teams in a men’s Olympic basketball contest in sequence of a odds they can kick Team USA. Spoiler alert: no one can. The many visit comments I’m getting: Brazil will be most improved than we predict, and Serbia will medal. We shall see …

REDEMPTION: Yaron Weitzman remembers a Redeem Team and explores what they meant to a complicated USA Basketball program.

SKY HIGH: Elena Della Donne, maybe a best women’s basketball actor in a universe right now, comes out.

ALRIGHT, FISH: Derek Fisher might pursue a quip … as a player.

DENOUEMENT: Fantastic story from The Undefeated’s Michael A. Fletcher on since President Obama plays some-more golf than basketball these days. I’m like 20 years younger than POTUS and we feel this deeply.

THAT’S A STRETCH: The health advantages of stretching have been massively oversold. we am a conflicting of limber, and we widen with some frequency, and all it helps is to forestall behind spasms. My muscles only giggle during me when we widen them out. “LOL good try, Ziller, we aren’t gonna be any reduction unbending today.”

SPEAKING OF LIMBER … “Andrew Wiggins is possibly operative on a 720 or apropos a video diversion glitch.”

CORD CUTTERS UNITE: Turner and Hulu cut a understanding that will make TNT accessible on a streaming service. It’s not totally transparent either NBA games will sojourn unavailable. Crucially, NBA games on TNT (and generally NBA playoff games on TNT) are a vital stumbling retard for would-be cordcutters. (For a record, we am not a cord knife since we can’t tumble defunct but late-night HGTV.)

Happy Thursday. See we subsequent time.


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