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Rubber ducky earnings to NH after puzzling universe travels

by: Dalton Main
Updated: Aug 12, 2016 – 1:35 PM

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HAMPTON, N.H. – A rubber ducky from Hampton, N.H. has finally returned after years of roving a world. 

The Troiano family, who live on Gale Road in Hampton, told SeaCostOnline their rubber ducky went blank one night approach behind in 2011. 

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But shortly after that, they started removing post cards from a duck, who had unexpected started going by ‘Gale Ducky.’

The post cards were accompanied by a Facebook page that popped adult with photos of a steep all over a world. 

The family pronounced they enjoyed followed a duck’s adventures, though this week he returned home. 

As mysteriously as Gale disappeared, a steep incited adult right behind outward a home it was taken from. With it was a container full of maps and souvenirs from a travels all over a world. 

The Troiano family told SeaCoastOnline a steep was given to them about 10 years ago by a neighbor.

The family pronounced they’re a small pronounced a travels are over, though they pronounced they kind of wish they never know who took Gale around a world. 


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