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Roku Launches New Roku 3 In The US With Voice-Activated Search Function

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Roku rolled out a updated Roku 3 streaming set-top and mobile apps in a U.S. featuring voice-activated hunt and a new media find complement dubbed by a Apple TV aspirant as a “Roku Feed.”

With a cost tab of $99.99, a Roku 3 now has voice hunt duty regulating a button-activated microphone. This lets a user hunt for any accessible video by title, executive or actors. The new underline can be activated anytime and anywhere within a firmware.

The Roku Feed will also concede users to symbol cinema or TV shows that are not nonetheless streamable, though a firmware will forewarn a user once it becomes accessible finish with a cost.

Roku pronounced that a new Feed will have serve updates in a future. The Channel Store is also upgraded as users now have a ability to hunt channels by name, according to Apple Insider.

The Roku 2, that a association claims is as quick as Roku 3, is also done accessible during U.S. stores today. The association pronounced that it has already been upgraded to compare a speed of a new set-top. However, a headphone jack on a Roku 2’s remote has been eliminated, though users will be blissful to know that it will be on a Roku 3.

In addition, a Roku 3’s remote will be retrograde concordant with a Roku 2. One premonition is that a remote is not nonetheless accessible to be sole separately.

More on a new “Roku Feed,” a association pronounced that it will launch a refurbish currently and they design to finish a updates for current-gen inclination before Apr ends in a U.S. Roku users in a U.K. will have to wait until May to accept a update, according to CNET.

The iOS and Android Roku Remote app also got updated with a new Feeds view. However, Roku pronounced that it will not yield notifications and a user will need to demeanour during a new Feed to see new movies.

The Roku 2 is accessible for $69.99, while a prior Roku 1 and a Streaming Stick is still during $49.99.


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