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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story TV Spot: 5 Things to Know About a Movie

2. Darth Vader will be back. Several performers will mount in as a knave on set, while James Earl Jones will reprise his voice role. “He will be in a film sparingly,” Kennedy said. “But during a key, vital moment, he’s going to dawn large.” Among a rebels, a impression is seen as a myth, not a genuine man. “Within a Rebellion, it’s not ordinarily oral about,” Edwards told Entertainment Weekly. “Within a Empire, there is a enlightenment of meaningful of a existence of Darth Vader. There’s really an underlying feeling that there is a power—a dim power—available to a Empire and that if we exceed your mark, we will humour a consequences.”

3. Audiences will get to try dual new planets. “Scarif is formed on a bliss world, so we had to go to bliss to film it,” Edwards pronounced during a Star Wars Celebration in London in July. Casting directors even enlisted internal Maldivian soldiers to play members of a Imperial Army. “As we’re filming it, we’d go adult to them and ask them if they’re vehement they got to play stormtroopers. They’re like, ‘No.’ So we asked them, ‘Do we know about Star Wars?’ They said, ‘No.’ So we asked them if they felt like idiots, and they said, ‘Yes.'” The other planet, Jedha, is home to those who trust in a Force, like Baze Malbus (Wen) and Chirrut Imwe (Yen). “If A New Hope is a story of Jesus or something, there contingency be a whole sacrament over that,” he told Gizmodo in July, maybe confirming fan theories that a Jedi will indeed seem in some capacity. “It felt like, if for a thousand generations Jedis were a leaders of this devout faith system, there’s gotta be a homogeneous of Mecca or Jerusalem within a Star Wars world.”


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