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‘Rogue One’: 5 Things We Learned From New Trailer

Last night, as a biggest athletes from around a creation competed for a top eminence in a sporting world, something indeed critical happened: a new trailer for a arriving Star Wars spinoff Rogue One premiered! It’s already racked adult 2.8 million views on YouTube and counting, and in dual mins and 15 seconds, a lot of component to arrange by gets thrown during we — new characters, new locations, and new hints to fuel brand-spankin’-new swindling theories. (So Forest Whitaker, what, only grew hair between a initial teaser and this clip?)

We’ve taken a autocracy of singling out 5 pivotal takeaways, from a smart-alecky new android to a reappearance of everyone’s favorite Sith lord. Read on. May a Force be with you:

1. Looks who’s back: Darth Vader
Last things initial — a glossy black helmet that pops adult in a final seconds of a trailer looks extremely familiar. Rumors had prolonged been swirling that a former Anakin Skywalker would uncover his his face — or rather, creepy robotic facade — in this spinoff, and a trailer confirms it. The border of his appearance is still a large doubt mark, though throwing an eyeful of Darth Vader positively juices adult a fans. Still, for all we know, his participation in a film could volume to a saved cameo. It hasn’t even been a week given we collectively satisfied Suicide Squad‘s ad debate fooled us into meditative Jared Leto’s Joker would be in a design for some-more than 5 minutes; we could be walking into a identical bait-and-switch. Either way, that automatic wheeze can still satisfy full-body chills.

2. Meet your new Han Solo
From a jump, a outline for Felicity Jones’ rebellion personality Jyn Erso gimlet a distinguished similarity to a certain scabby nerf herder. Spotty past, unassailable will, assured to a indicate of brashness — a word “female Han Solo” couldn’t have been distant behind. (Which should be a good approach to pass a time while we wait to see Alden Ehrenreich’s chronicle of a smirking intergalactic smuggler.) This trailer doubles down on a processed comparison, display Jones given with a dry overshirt and brownish-red vest, a Solo-esque garb if ever there was one. Still, judging from a meagre pieces of discourse enclosed here, she’s a bit some-more indifferent and collected than Harrison Ford’s friendly rogue. Her brief sell of with Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor — “Good.” “Good.” — feels a integrate shades some-more grave than Solo’s common heckling.

3. Fresh looks during that “galaxy far, distant away”
The interest of a Star Wars universe has always been related to a immersive element, a feeling that a fan could get mislaid in one of a thousand worlds explored onscreen. And with a handful of eye-poppingly beautiful landscape shots shown off in a trailer, executive Gareth Edwards has amplified that peculiarity exponentially. The opening vessel over a bustling dried mecca, a sunbaked plateau 10 seconds in, an obscure choking out a object over a empty world — this is some of a many worldly CGI a authorization has seen so far. In 2014, Edwards re-realized Godzilla on a grand scale, and it looks like he’s brought that same aspiration to Rogue One‘s scope.

4. This might be a droid we’re looking for
The best lines in a trailer all go to a franchise’s newest comic-relief robot: K-2SO, an majestic droid reprogrammed by Cassian Andor to offer a means of a rebellion. Alan Tudyk brings a tone-perfect passionless to his nod of Jyn Erso, flatly intoning, “The captain says we are a friend. we will not kill you.” It looks like K-2SO will fill a C-3PO purpose of proprietor barbiturate android, too — his useful sign that “there is a 96.7% possibility of failure” is kind of classical Threepio. Moreover, will a characters in a film impute to a bot as K-2? Does Gareth Edwards know that that kind of means something else these days?

5. More ‘wars’ than ‘star’
Naturally, a many sparkling sequences displayed in a trailer are a bustling battles, already looking like a many elaborate set pieces in a authorization to date. The executive has been upfront about his goal to fire a design like a fight film, and a power of fight comes opposite in a brief dash of a shootout nearby a palm-tree-lined beach. Edwards has already named films like Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down were large influences here, suggesting that a troops vibe will transcend a sci-fi/fantasy elements. (Not to discuss that a film was shot by Zero Dark Thirty‘s cinematographer Greig Fraser.) That could be a good move, deliberation a large picture; it’s on Edwards to make this spinoff graphic from a categorical trilogies of films, and a bit of dirty genre deposit could do a trick.


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