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Robots pull iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge coherence to a edge

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge isn’t even on sale nonetheless though that’s not interlude people from putting a company’s latest flagship to a test.

While we’ve seen some impressive dump tests, a initial hook tests (remember Bendgate?) have some-more churned results.

SquareTrade, a association that offers word skeleton for smartphones, put a iPhone 6 Plus, HTC’s One M9 and Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge to a exam with their BendBots, specialized robots that tested how most vigour any smartphone could take before it focussed and eventually broke.

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The BendBot “simulates a army constructed in a normal person’s behind slot and shows accurately what happens when adult to 350 pounds of force is placed on a phone,” according to a company. First, it relates vigour in 10-pound increments until it detects a phone tortuous and afterwards tests how most force any phone can take before violation completely.

First adult is a iPhone 6 Plus, a phone that famously started “bendgate.” Apple’s smartphone focussed with 110 pounds of pressure, though a iPhone still functioned normally, according to a video. It wasn’t until 179 pounds of force was practical that a phone was pushed to “catastrophic failure.”

The HTC One M9, on a other hand, done it to 120 pounds before it bent, though HTC’s flagship also pennyless totally during this indicate as a energy switch popped off, digest a phone unusable.

Of all a devices, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge fared a worst. Like a iPhone 6 Plus, it also focussed with 110 pounds of pressure, though a arrangement burst on a phone’s winding edge,. The phone still worked notwithstanding a crack, however, and a phone hold adult to 149 pounds — when it cracked completely.

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