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Rejoice in the Past with Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ Feature – TechSmash


Let’s be honest, when something positive happens, you likely post something about it on Facebook. Years go by, grey hairs pop through, and sometimes a reminisce is exactly what you need to boost your day’s positivity. ‘On This Day’ is a feature that Facebook officially launched today that highlights Facebook activity on the exact same month and day of years past. 

There are a few different ways you can get to Facebook’s new feature. You can either search for it, click on the bookmark for it, find it in your Newsfeed, or just visit Facebook.com/onthisday. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it is available to everyone just yet. 

On This Day

The feature only highlights your social activity from days past and is only shared with your friends if you choose to share it. However, the first thing that you will notice is that by commenting or liking older posts, pictures,  or instances of being tagged; all friends involved in that post will be alerted of your activity. It’s an interesting way to re-live/re-engage old conversations. 

Facebook has apparently been testing this feature for a number of years. Additionally, Mashable confirmed that Facebook has developed the algorithm to remove unpleasant experiences from being highlighted. The company is no doubt taking precautions after their ‘Year End Review’ feature made headlines by reminding a man of the death of his daughter. It’s comforting to know that Facebook isn’t going to remind you of that time you ate a ghost pepper and were rushed to the emergency room for a painful extraction.

‘On This Day’ is a welcome feature that I didn’t realize hadn’t been officially released. You’ll notice that I don’t have access to the full feature above, however, if I go to my Notifications in the iPhone app and scroll down, there is a section called “On This Day in the Past.” I’ve been using this feature for weeks stirring up old memories with friends and family. 

I was even able to convince my little brother that I had been digging through my timeline of old, making a much greater effort than I actually was. Additionally, Facebook reminded me of the grandiose day that I stood on my head in a sweater vest. (I don’t even know…)

On This DayRegardless, the feature works. It’s helped me rekindle a number of friendships that I’ve let fall by the wayside in recent years by reminding me of positive memories I’ve shared with those individuals. It’s also just a nice way to remember past moments and whom you basked in them with. 

It’s clear that Facebook is making various attempts to both engage its users and make a positive impact on the world’s morale. While many of their attempts have been controversial in the public eye, initiatives such as this new feature, year-end review, and choosing not to have a ‘dislike’ button for the sake of not creating a platform for negativity; shows that Facebook takes their influence seriously and wants to use it for good. If only we could get them to increase our organic post reach without paying an arm and a leg to boost posts.

What do you think of Facebook’s new feature?  Do you think Facebook takes their social influence seriously? Let us know in the comments below. 

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