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Rand Paul Believes Clinton Could Get 5 Years In Prison

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In 2013, Hillary Clinton testified before Congress about her purpose as Secretary of State during a Benghazi militant attacks that left Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 4 other Americans dead.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., asked Clinton while she was underneath oath, “Is a U.S. concerned with any procuring of weapons, send of weapons, buying, selling, anyhow transferring weapons to Turkey out of Libya?”

“To Turkey? we will have to take that doubt for a record. No one has ever lifted that with me,” Clinton responded.

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Paul responded that there were news reports of ships withdrawal Libya reportedly carrying weapons. He asked again, “What I’d like to know is, is a apparatus that was tighten by (in Benghazi), were they concerned with procuring, buying, selling, receiving weapons, and were any of these weapons eliminated to other countries, any countries, Turkey included?”

“Well, senator you’ll have to approach that doubt to a group that ran a annex,” Clinton said, referring to a CIA. “And we will see what information is available.”

“You’re observant we do not know?” Rand asked.

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Clinton replied, “I do not know. we don’t have any information on that.”

Three years after Clinton testified to Paul before Congress, a full review of Clinton’s email server came to a close, though FBI Director James Comey recommending an complaint opposite Clinton for her doing of personal information on an unsecured private email server.

But no earlier had Comey’s end been rendered than news a Democratic Party’s emails had been hacked and a essence unprotected for a universe to see how a DNC presumably worked opposite one of its own possibilities in ancillary Clinton over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The news led to a abdication of DNC president Debbie Wasserman Schultz and it might now lead to another probable review of Clinton if what Julian Assange says is true.

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Assange, owner of Wikileaks (the classification obliged for disseminating a leaked Democratic Party emails), told Democracy Now in Jul a information he’s performed from those emails indicate Clinton, discordant to her sworn testimony to Rand, was entirely wakeful of arms shipments and transfers, and was pulling those weapons into Syria and a hands of ISIS.

Assange stated, “Weapons flows, going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those emails.”

As of yet, however, there is no explanation to justify Assange’s claims because he has not nonetheless expelled those emails.

Paul went on a record Thursday observant Clinton could get up to 5 years in jail for fibbing to Congress underneath promise when she privately settled to him she had no trust of weapons transfers.

Paul pronounced Thursday it “was not fair” to enlisted group and others that Clinton wasn’t prosecuted over her doing of personal information. And when asked about a Wikileaks’ explain and his faith Clinton should be put in jail, Paul told Fox News’ Eric Bolling, “It’s a transgression to distortion to Congress. You can get 5 years in prison. And we can’t continue to contend a Clintons are above a law.”

Paul afterwards settled his faith a gun-running operation was underway and Clinton knew about it.

“I do trust that a CIA apparatus in Benghazi was procuring weapons, some of them to get them divided from a jihadists in Libya,” Paul said. “But some of it to packet those weapons by Turkey, into Syria.”

Paul quoted several news sources who have reported gun-running operations were holding place. “There have been many, many first-hand accounts, The New York Times, London Times, Washington Times have all reported on this,” he said.

Paul pinpointed a source of his incredulity, saying, “I find it tough to trust that Hillary Clinton, who all a news reports have pronounced she was a biggest disciple for defending a Islamic rebels in Syria, many of whom incited out to be not usually enemies of ours, some of them also incited out to be enemies of Israel as well.”

Wikileaks has not expelled those emails though has betrothed to do so, as Western Journalism has reported, “in batches” heading adult to a presidential choosing in November.


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