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PS4 Slim leaks online, looks legit

Sony will have not one, though dual consoles on uncover during a arriving PlayStation Meeting eventuality on Sep 7—and a initial appears to have leaked online. A thinner, rounder PlayStation 4 Slim was speckled for sale on personal listings site Gumtree (now removed) around internal retailer, that claimed it was due for recover in 3 weeks. Twitter user shortman82 has given purchased a unit, unboxed it, and slapped a bucket of photos online.

The supposed PS4 Slim looks extremely thinner than a strange PS4, that was already a tiny console. The same cleaved-parallelepiped aesthetic remains, though a corners have been dull off, while a silken cosmetic territory that lonesome a tough expostulate on a strange PS4 has been private entirely. While that’s good for fans of fingerprint-free gadgets, it does lift questions as to either a tough expostulate will be replaceable in a PS4 Slim, quite as a listed indication (CUH-2016A) usually sports 500GB of storage.

Sony has typically private facilities from a consoles to make them cheaper to make and so cheaper to sell to consumers (remember all a media label slots on a strange PlayStation 3?), so such a pierce wouldn’t be unprecedented.

Elsewhere, it appears a capacitive energy and eject buttons have been transposed with earthy ones, while Sony has also private a dedicated visual audio outlay on a rear. Ethernet and HDMI remain, along with the lesser-used camera pier from a strange PS4.

While there’s a slim possibility (pun really most intended) that a cinema of a new PS4 are fake, a trickle ties adult with a new news from a Wall Street Journal. The announcement says sources “familiar with a matter” explain Sony will deliver dual consoles during a PlayStation Meeting eventuality in September: a PS4 Slim and a rarely expected PlayStation “4K” Neo. Sony reliable a existence of a PS4 Neo in June, though has nonetheless to fact a specifications. Several sources claim that it has a faster CPU, GPU, and memory, that will concede it to play certain games in 4K resolution.


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