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President of Jerusalem’s Sephardi communities travels to Wisconsin to benefaction …

Dr. Abraham Haim, boss of a centuries-old Council of Sephardi and Oriental Communities of Jerusalem trafficked final month to Wisconsin to strictly benefaction a endowment of his classification to Prof. Jesus Jambrina.

Jambrina was awarded a Medal of a Four Sephardi Synagogues for his achievements of in a recognition, signposting and refuge of a Medieval Jewish buliding of a city of Zamora, Spain. It also famous his work as “organizer of dual superb general conferences,” in Zamora and Portugal in 2013 and 2014, that for a initial time brought together a group of researchers to display a lost Jewish story of a area.

Jambrina also founded a Isaac Campanton Center for serve investigate in a area that is home to a vast series of descendants of anusim who are acid for, or during slightest extraordinary about their Jewish identity.

The central display rite took place during Viterbo Univeristy, La Crosse, WI, on Mar 25, with university boss Rick Artman introducing Haim to an assembly comprised of faculty, students, members of a city of La Crosse village and member of a internal Jewish community. The endowment was unofficially postulated in March 2014.

Haim presented a brief story of a Four Sephardi Synagogues of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, and of a Council of a Sephardi and Oriental Community of Jerusalem before strictly presenting a Medal to Jambrina, who thanked a Council, a university, his colleagues and those in Zamora, Spain, “who have upheld my investigate and a recuperation of a Medieval Jewish Quarters in a city of Zamora.”

Haim afterwards spent 3 days on campus where he was scheduled to speak to students and expertise about Sephardic story and enlightenment and to attend in a “Teaching a Holocaust” workshop, in that he gave a display on how this chronological eventuality is taught in Jerusalem’s schools. In 2014, Haim presented a endowment to a former aristocrat of Spain, Juan Carlos, in approval of a check upheld recently, extenuation Spanish citizenship to Sephardi Jews.


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