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President Mark Murphy on Packers’ four-game skid: Disappointing, though not time for changes

9:10 PM ET

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Green Bay Packers boss Mark Murphy doesn’t trust it’s a right time to make any vital changes to a team’s football operation, though that doesn’t meant he’s gratified with a proceed a deteriorate has left so far.

With a Packers mired in a four-game losing strain and in danger of blank a playoffs for a initial time given 2008, Murphy told WTMJ radio in Milwaukee that he feels a same proceed about a team’s 4-6 record as many fans do.

“I do hear from a lot of fans. And we tell fans: Like them, I’m disappointed,” Murphy said. “Certainly, a deteriorate hasn’t left a proceed we had all hoped, though there’s a lot of football left to be played. And a other thing we tell people is, you’ve got to demeanour during Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy’s lane record.”

Thompson has been a Packers ubiquitous manager given 2005, and he hired McCarthy as manager in 2006. They’re on a run of 7 true playoff appearances, restraining a New England Patriots for a longest active strain in a NFL. But with 6 games remaining, a Packers are dual games out of initial place in a NFC North.

Last week, a group orator told ESPN.com that Murphy would not criticism on this year’s team, given he “defers football matters to Ted and Mike during a season.” Thompson has not oral to reporters given Aug. 30 and also was not finished accessible after an talk ask progressing this month.

“We’ve been by formidable stretches before,” Murphy said. “We’ve had unchanging success, and it’s tough to grasp that in a NFL, though we do sympathize with a fans. They wish us to win, they wish us to play better, and we’ve only got to work by a formidable patch. I’m confident and I’m hopeful. We’ve finished it in a past and, hopefully, we can do it again.”

Both Thompson and McCarthy have contracts that run by a 2018 season.

Thompson oversees a football operation and reports to Murphy, who acts on interest of a team’s seven-member executive committee. Murphy pronounced a team’s public-ownership structure, that includes some-more than 5 million shares of batch hold by some-more than 360,000 shareholders, does not impact a proceed football decisions are made.

“The [public perception] of that is, a Packers are unequivocally spoiled given they don’t have an particular owners who can go in and glow somebody,” Murphy said. “Well, if we demeanour opposite a league, when those particular owners do things like that, it customarily doesn’t spin out really well. The answer isn’t only to glow people midseason, especially, [given that] we’ve had a run of success.

“Our coaches and crew people and Ted and Mike have shown in a past they can spin things around. we consider that holding that proceed positively creates some-more clarity than only banishment people to glow people.”


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