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Prank website causes Safari to pile-up and army iPhones and iPads to reboot

Pranksters are out in full force and are targeting iPhone and Mac users. Links are being sent to users that approach them to a antic site famous as crashsafari.com, that afterwards causes iPhones and iPads to reboot.

How it works

The antic site contains formula that causes a everlasting fibre of characters within a residence bar. As a fibre continues to grow, a browser will onslaught to bucket it, so causing a memory issue.

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If you’re regulating an iPhone or iPad, those inclination will feverishness adult as they try to hoop a code, and they will eventually reboot due to exhaustion. It takes about 20 seconds from when a site initial loads to when a reboot takes place. Mac users will finish adult with Safari crashing, though won’t humour an involuntary reboot.

The antic site even affects Chrome users on Android, PCs, and Macs, as they will turn really indolent as Chrome attempts to bucket a code. Users will be forced to trigger a reboot in sequence to stop it.

iPhone users were already a plant of something identical final May when a text message bug would close users out of a Messaging app or pile-up a phone. The categorical disproportion was that a sold fibre of characters caused that issue, not a website link.

How to urge yourself

We would adore to be means to tell we that all we need to do is make certain we don’t click a couple that goes to crashsafari.com, though unfortunately pranksters can costume a couple with URL shorteners, so we won’t know until it’s too late.

The best thing to do is to refrain from clicking on links from anyone we don’t know, generally if they are shortened. If someone we don’t follow mentions we on Twitter with a couple we need to check out, it’s substantially not going to be anything that we “need” to check out. Just remember, these links can come from anywhere, either it be a content message, an email, or amicable media.

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If we do click on a couple and it ends adult during crashsafari.com, afterwards go forward an reboot right divided since there is no pretence that will stop a formula from loading.

The good news is that if we do tumble plant to this prank, it appears that zero damaging will come of it. Your iPhone or iPad will reboot and go behind to normal, and zero antagonistic has been reported adult to this point. However, we will refurbish this post immediately if that changes.


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