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Police: Utility annals sought in poisoning of family of 8

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. (AP) — A divorced kitchen workman and his 7 children were incidentally tainted by CO monoxide from a generator they were regulating to keep comfortable after their electricity was cut off, military pronounced Tuesday.

Princess Anne Police Chief Scott Keller pronounced a Delmarva Power association has been subpoenaed to request accurately when it cut off appetite to a let home.

Maryland law bars utilities from terminating electric use for nonpayment of bills from Nov. 1 by Mar 31 yet an confirmation filed to a Public Service Commission.

Rodney Todd, 36, and his dual sons and 5 daughters were final seen alive on Mar 28.

Delmarva Power orator Matt Likovich pronounced a application is questioning as well.

“I’m usually numb. I’m usually numb. Like it’s a calamity yet it’s not,” a children’s mother, Tyisha Luneice Chambers, told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “If we had famous he was yet electricity, we would have helped.”

Police responding to a blank persons news found their bodies Monday after friends, propagandize workers and Todd’s administrator during work had knocked on a doorway with no answer.

“The children were all in beds and it appears as yet they were sleeping,” Keller said. “They didn’t have electricity. Probably it was bedtime and they motionless they indispensable some light and substantially some heat, since toward a finish of Mar even yet it was open we were carrying some flattering cold nights.”

Why Todd ran a gas-powered generator inside his kitchen wasn’t clear. The arch speculated that a sound would have worried neighbors, had it been outside.

Todd got some gratification money, yet it wasn’t enough, pronounced Sarah Hardy, his tighten friend.

“How can a male tarry off of fundamentally smallest salary with 7 kids, and we can’t assistance him with a application bill?” Hardy asked. “This male was working. And Delmarva Power cuts a lights off?”

Lloyd Edwards pronounced his stepson had bought a generator after a appetite was close off due to delinquent bills during their one-story timber support home in a tiny city of Princess Anne on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

“It’s so hard. How can we know something like this?” Edwards said. “He was an superb dad. … To keep his 7 children warm, he bought a generator, and a CO monoxide consumed them.”

Todd had perceived assistance profitable his application bills in a past, yet did not request for assistance this year, pronounced Tom VanLandingham, who leads a Office of Home Energy Programs in Somerset County. Families can request once a year, and assistance is formed on domicile income and appetite use, among other factors.

“We’re all kind of confused as to because he did not request this year,” VanLandingham said. “That’s a million-dollar question.”

Todd defended full control of a his children when his divorce from Tyisha Luniece Chambers was finalized final September. Court annals identified a boys as Cameron and ZhiHeem, and a girls as Tyjuziana, Tykeria, Tynijuzia, TyNiah and Tybreyia. Bonnie Edwards pronounced her grandsons were 13 and 7, and granddaughters were 15, 12, 10, 9 and 6, respectively.

“The mom left, not usually a 7 kids by Rodney, yet she left her oldest son with him as well,” Hardy said. “She deserted him and a kids.”

Todd served 16 months behind bars for assaulting his mother in a domestic dispute, Hardy said. Upon his release, “he came home, held her in bed with another man, and a male was abusing a kids. He took his 7 kids and her son and lifted them on his own.”

Chambers denied that she deserted them, and pronounced she had been profitable child support.

“He wasn’t a singular parent. we was in their lives. we don’t have drug problems. we adore my kids and I’m contemptible their father upheld as well,” she said, adding that she designed to accommodate Todd’s kin during a wake home on Wednesday.

Bonnie Edwards pronounced her son taught his children how to speak with elders and a value of education. He bought any a cake and a present on their birthday, even yet income was tight.

“There was zero he wouldn’t do for them,” she said. “All he was perplexing to do was to keep his kids warm.”

A co-worker during a circuitously University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Brittney Hudson, pronounced Todd “was always smiling and laughing.”

“He’s a male we need to know and a male we wish to be,” pronounced Bilel Smith, who lives nearby. “They were their possess football team, their possess basketball team. This is violation the hearts.”


Associated Press Writers Amanda Myers and Sarah Brumfield in Washington, D.C., contributed.


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