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Packers Donate To Police Foundation

Green Bay Packers conduct manager Mike McCarthy, alongside his team, announced skeleton to present $100,000 any to a Green Pay Police Foundation. 

McCarthy, whose father was a internal military officer and firefighter, pronounced he wanted to do something to assistance a attribute between military and a village — something that a Green Bay Police Foundation was founded in Jul to do. 

“My idea is [to] be partial of a resolution to make a village better,” he told ESPN. 

Team boss Mark Murphy after announced that a group would compare McCarthy’s donations, observant that a emanate was “very personal” for a coach.

“This is a unequivocally formidable time for a nation and [we] unequivocally need [programs] like this that move people together, move communities together, quite open reserve and village members, and unequivocally start listening to any other and carrying a contention instead of perplexing to win a debate,” he said. 

“This is something that could … good be a purpose indication for other cities around a country. … We saw this event and a timing was unequivocally perfect. This is accurately a kind of module that we need.”

The implausible donations fast done headlines, garnering regard from those who felt it was a right thing to do in a arise of protests by sports stars like Colin Kaepernick. 

“Good news from a coach. we am meditative a Packers were intelligent adequate not to criticism during a inhabitant anthem,” one reader commented on Bleacher Report. 

“If we can’t go to a football diversion to get divided from it for 3 hours what else is there,” quipped another.

“Good for McCarthy. With all these meaningless players disrespecting a anthem, it’s good to see someone compared with a NFL doing a right thing,” an ESPN reader commented. 

Sources: Bleacher Report, ESPN / Photo credit: Jame and Jessica Healy


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