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Oops! A Price Is Right Model Accidentally Gave Away a Car—Watch a …

It’s OK, Manuela. You were in a giving mood, and that’s really good of you.

It was competitor Andrea’s propitious day currently when she seemed on The Price is Right. She had 3 chances to theory a cost of a code new Hyundai Sonata from a mainstay of probable answers. After giving her initial theory for a cost tab of a vehicle, indication Manuela pulled a series to exhibit either it was right or wrong.

It suggested a “No,” vouchsafing a assembly and Andrea know that she was wrong, though instead of interlude and watchful for her second guess, Manuela incidentally pulled a second cost tag…which was a winner!

WATCH: At slightest Manuela didn’t tumble on a treadmill…

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Oooooh! Congratulations! Manuela only gave we a car!” pronounced horde Drew Carey.

Oops! Understandably so, Manuela was ashamed and everybody could tell only from a demeanour on her face once she detected what she had done. She fast put her hands over her mouth and her eyes were open far-reaching in disbelief. Poor thing was so broke she even attempted to censor behind a cost tags, LOL!

You can hear Carey tell her, “It’s OK.”

It is OK, Manuela. You only done Andrea’s day!

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