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Olympic Opening Ceremonies 2016: Critical Info for Rio Games Spectacle

The opening rite of a Olympic Games is a summary of splendour in sports. The philharmonic in Rio this year should be no different. 

On Friday, Aug 5, a Brazilian city will take a spin to horde a normal opening ritual, and it promises to be an sparkling eventuality as a Games strictly start with some of a world’s best athletes all convened in one location. 

With a star-studded lineup of athletes personification a purpose of flag-bearer for their countries during a normal opening of any nation, this is an eventuality that Olympic fans won’t wish to miss.

Here’s a demeanour during all a information we need to locate a event.

Date: Friday, Aug 5

Start Time: 7:30 p.m. ET

Where: Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Notable Flag-Bearers

Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

One of a top honors for Olympic athletes is to be comparison as a flag-bearer for a republic they represent. The 2016 opening rite will underline copiousness of important names carrying flags on opening night. 

Leading a United States into a track will be swimmer Michael Phelps. Although Phelps is a many adorned Olympian of all time, this will be a initial time he has been named a flag-bearer. 

A U.S. swimmer removing a respect is a singular feat. According to Paul Carr of ESPN Stats Info, Phelps will be a initial to lift a dwindle given 1976:

It’s a wise respect for Phelps. He late after a 2012 Games as they seemed to be his last, though he came out of retirement only dual years later. Now, a 31-year-old will take one final feat path during these Olympics.

Being nominated to lift a dwindle was an romantic impulse for a swimmer, per Rachel Axon of USA Today:

For me to be means to have a eventuality to lift a dwindle for a United States in a Opening Ceremonies: dream come true. To lead a republic into this Olympics is something that we overtly never suspicion I’d have an eventuality to do. When one of a staff members told me final night that we was selected, we consider we had a biggest grin on my face we could presumably find. A small bit of tension came over me. we substantially strew a small bit of tears, only in joy, only a respect and a eventuality to do that is incredible. A tremendous, extensive honor. My initial opening ceremonies as well. I’m looking brazen to it.

The rite will also have a bit of tennis illustration on opening night. Great Britain chose men’s tennis star Andy Murray to lift a dwindle for a nation. Murray common his thoughts on a honor, around a team’s Twitter account:

Spain also went a track of tennis star for their representation, with Rafael Nadal carrying a flag. This will be a 30-year-old’s second Olympics. He won a bullion award in Beijing in 2008 though was forced to repel from a 2012 Games due to tendinitis. 

Murray will be looking to make it back-to-back bullion medals following his success during a 2012 Games in London. 


What to Expect

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The opening rite competence have a opposite tinge than in prior years, according to eventuality officials. 

Marco Balich—the executive writer of a event—has emphasized that a rite won’t be as adorned as prior years, as an mercantile retrogression in a republic has singular some of Brazil’s spending power. 

“This is not an prosperous eventuality given a conditions in Brazil,” Balich said, per Karolos Grohmann of Reuters. “It does not have a grandiosity of Beijing, a outrageous special effects of Athens, a oddity and technological skills of London. It is an analogue opening ceremony.”

Given Brazil’s vast rainforest areas, a uncover will have a sustainability theme, according to Balich

That means a slight composition to a Olympic cauldron. According to Balich, a normal vast cauldron and fire will be transposed by a low-emission chronicle that goes in suitability with a ceremony’s theme. 

For Balich, it competence not be as showy as prior iterations, though a opening philharmonic will make a statement. 

“The rite has a purpose,” Balich said. “Talking in a certain approach in terms of sustainability. Doing a dry jubilee is not enough. The fact that we are holding position competence not make everybody happy, though that’s what it is.”

Even but a special effects and hoopla, 11,000 athletes will intersect on a margin as partial of a proceedings. That in itself will yield a special impulse forward of these Olympics. 


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