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Olio Model One Luxury Smartwatch Wants To Take On Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch units on display

Apple Watch units on arrangement (Photo : Agencies)

More smartwatches are branch adult notwithstanding a arriving Apple Watch. Olio is entering a wearable business with a Olio Model One smartwatch.

Just like Apple, Olio is targeting consumers that wish oppulance accessories. The San Francisco-based association launched dual collections today, including singular book models that underline high-class materials that opposition even a high-end Swiss watches.

It is no warn that a association has come adult with a smartwatch to opposition a Apple Watch. Olio is stoical of several employees that worked for attention giants such as Apple, Pixar, Movado, Google, Amazon, HP and even NASA.

Olio CEO and owner Steve Jacobs was before a conduct of product government during Google, Beats and Apple, according to Phone Dog.

“Olio was founded to emanate solemnly crafted products for a perceptive particular who wants a latest technology, though on their possess terms,” pronounced Jacobs.

The Olio Model One is a initial smartwatch from a company. Interested business can now pre-order from a initial collection of 500 units.

Olio launched dual opposite variations of a Model One: a $595 china watch face unit, and a most some-more costly $745 black watch face.

Similar to a Apple Watch, any of Olio’s smartwatches are accessible with different-colored leather and steel couple bank.

One of a categorical facilities is a streamlined presentation scheme, that aims to not overkill a user with tons of notifications during any given time. The Olio Model One adjusts a notifications as it learns from a user over time, according to Geek Wire.

Another underline it boasts is a Olio Assist, that is a cloud-powered digital partner that provides a users with suggestions depending on a user’s preferences.

The Olio Model One also has a Control Hub underline that allows a user to make payments, adjust connected lights, thermostats, speakers and more. It also allows a user to sync with any Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, and any Android smartphone.


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