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Ohio Politics Now: Kasich, Strickland import in on Scalia inheritor process

Want to know what’s function in Ohio supervision and politics from Columbus to Washington,
D.C.? The Columbus Dispatch has we covered.

The 2016 choosing was already exhilarated and afterwards over a weekend U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Antonin Scalia died, withdrawal an opening on a bench. Politics fast eclipsed anguish of the
conservative jurist with Republicans – including Ohio Gov. John Kasich who is using for president

calling on President Barack Obama to concede a subsequent boss to nominate
Scalia’s successor.

What Kasich said:
Dispatch Washington contributor Jessica Wehrman writes, “On NBC’s Meet a Press,
Kasich pronounced while it was Obama’s privilege to commission someone and a Senate’s privilege to
confirm or reject that nominee, ‘it’d usually be good if a boss didn’t send somebody forward
and we had an choosing and afterwards everybody would be transparent about what they wish in a subsequent Supreme
Court Justice.’”

And on his ability to collect a competent candidate: “Kasich also pronounced if the
decision is kicked to a subsequent president, he’s prepared: He’s allocated good some-more than 100 to the
court in Ohio, including Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith L. French, and ‘she incited out to be a
great justice.’”

“This is not an unknown routine to me,” he said, observant he would demeanour for someone who is “
above reproach” and “a constitutionalist.”

What others said: Many Ohio officials and lawmakers voiced their condolences
Saturday night though along with hers,
Joyce Beatty, D-Columbus, added,
“At a time when there are many dire issues before the
Court, we am carefree President Obama and a U.S. Senate act fast and decisively. Now is a time
for powerful movement and appointing a probity satisfactory to all.”

How it plays into a Senate race: Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland is already
vowing to make a Senate acknowledgment of a new probity partial of his discuss opposite Sen. Rob
Portman. Strickland, who faces a Democratic primary in Mar opposite Cincinnati Councilman P.G.
Sittenfeld, told a Washington Post “It is pristine tender politics, and when it comes to a court, we
have a aloft duty.”

Strickland has an eventuality in Cincinnati this morning, where he is approaching to call on Portman,
a Republican, to opinion on a deputy for Scalia. Portman has not pronounced if he believes a pick
should wait until a subsequent boss is elected.


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GOP debate: It was a exhilarated discuss with boos from a assembly for billionaire
Donald Trump’s answers and tough exchanges between a other candidates. Kasich was questioned
about expanding Medicaid expansion.

“Kasich pronounced a sovereign income by a Medicaid module authorised Ohio to not usually treat
the mentally ill, though also yield health caring to a operative bad who did not have health
insurance coverage, observant “we leave no one behind,’” Dispatch Washington business arch Jack Torry
writes. “But (former Florida Gov. Jeb) Bush fast struck back, observant while he admires Kasich for
spending some-more income on drug diagnosis and mental health, he pronounced “expanding” a health law known
as Obamacare “is what we’re articulate about.’”

What Kasich suspicion of a debate: “It was like a dispersion derby,” he pronounced while
on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, “but a good news is my car’s still going around
the circuit.”


Kasich v. Bush: “Kasich and Bush have exchanged some energetic volleys, a latest
being over invulnerability spending. A TV blurb constructed and aired by a super domestic action
committee subsidy Bush charged that as a member of a U.S. House from 1983 by a finish of
2000, Kasich upheld “massive invulnerability cuts,’”
Torry writes. “The blurb cited Kasich’s efforts with former Democratic
congressman Ron Dellums of California in a early 1990s to border prolongation of a B-2 long-range
bomber to usually 21 jets instead of a 132 creatively due by a Pentagon.”

Gingrich gets involved: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., pronounced in a
statement that “any idea that John Kasich is anti-defense is simply false. we served with him
for 16 years and he consistently fought for a better, some-more effective military.”


Where a administrator is today: Kasich has 3 discuss stops in Michigan today.
Dispatch contributor Randy Ludlow will have updates from a road.


After South Carolina:
Wehrman looks during Kasich’s trail after South Carolina, essay “In between South
Carolina and a Midwestern states, however, are a handful of other primaries and one date — March
1 — that could make a large difference. The ‘SEC primary’ will divvy adult 595 of a 2,470 GOP
delegates. It will be hard, experts say, for Kasich to tarry but behaving good in some of
the 11 states voting that day.”


Throwback Monday: On this day in 1999, then-Congressman John Kasich announced his
first presidential run. He forsaken out of a competition Jul 14 that same year and available George W.


Happening this week:

CNN announced this weekend
it would have dual nights of GOP possibilities in a city gymnasium environment Wednesday and Thursday
night, forward of South Carolina’s Republican primary Saturday. No word nonetheless on that night Kasich
will appear.


Ohio Democratic Party cooking guests: Just dual days before Ohio Democrats pick
between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a primary, a dual will seem during a Ohio
Democratic Legacy Dinner,


ICYMI: Ohio Sen. Cliff Hite, R-Findlay,  
wrote a poem about Kasich’s presidential discuss patrician “Kasich during a bat.” A
sampling from it, “Some suspicion if usually Kasich could get a fairer whack/ They’d put adult even money
now with Kasich during a bat/ But Cruz was still is play and also so was Trump/ The former was
annoying and a latter utterly a grump.


On a countdown: 5 days until a South Carolina Republican primary and 29 days
until a Ohio primary.

Reminder: You have until Tuesday to register to opinion in a Mar primary.

Get your form here.
Early voting starts Wednesday.


Opt out bill: “With some-more students refusing to take state assessments, a check to
protect schools from being penalized for low appearance could emanate bigger problems, educators
Dispatch contributor Catherine Candisky writes. “House Bill 420 could
inadvertently inspire fewer students to take state assessments, risking millions in sovereign aid
and undermining Ohio efforts to safeguard all high propagandize graduates are prepared for college or
career, they said.”


Student eremite expression: With stream law tying when students can exercise
religious countenance in school, some lawmakers wish to enhance and explain it for schools.

“Just how distant state law should go to strengthen students’ eremite countenance during propagandize is
under discuss during a Statehouse, with a check that supporters wish will explain a emanate for school
Dispatch contributor Jim Siegel writes. “House Bill 425 says students might engage
in eremite countenance ‘before, during, and after propagandize hours … to a same border that a student
is available to rivet in physical activities…’”


On this day: According to a Dispatch library, on this day in 2006, “President
Bush gives a lunchtime debate during Wendy’s International in Dublin to foster health-savings
accounts. It is his 39th revisit to Ohio given he took bureau in 2001.”


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