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Oculus owner Palmer Luckey hand-delivers initial Rift VR headset to customer

After months and years of anticipation, a initial Oculus Rift virtual existence headset has been delivered into a customer’s hands. Ross Martin was a really initial chairman to get a pre-order in for a Rift when they non-stop in early January.

As a celebratory gesture, Palmer Luckey flew to Alaska to hand-deliver a Rift headset sealed by all of a founders. To constraint a impulse Palmer utilized Facebook Live to tide a smoothness and unboxing.

The whole thing is covenant how off-the-cuff and, well, live Facebook Live is. Facebook owns Oculus that might explain because they chose it as a recording process of choice for this moment. The live tide starts with a classical “It’s working?” afterwards after “Wait, what?”

Then, a Hawaiian shirt and flip wave clad Luckey rolls into an offive in Alaska where Martin works. Luckey wanders a halls a bit and afterwards gets to a hand-off where he presents Martin with a initial consumer Rift.

“I’ve been operative on this thing for so long, and you’re a initial chairman to indeed get one,” Luckey pronounced in a video. “So it’s kind of like me holding all of this work and handing it off to we so you’ve got to make certain we have fun with it or something.”

This is a initial Rift to be delivered, though many some-more will be nearing Monday when a Rift strictly launches. Most people will still have to wait a bit for a rarely expected device. The $599 Rift is now back-ordered for several months on a Oculus site.

Martin was at his bureau so he didn’t finish adult carrying his PC build. Therefore instead of sitting down for a practical reality gaming session, Palmer had to settle for some chatter with Martin about how most it sucks to be operative on a weekends, before he ends adult cutting the video.

But wait! Moments later, another live video went adult where Martin gives a bit of his credentials and a pair chat about Alaska and sled dogs and stuff.

In further to being a vital impulse for consumer practical reality, this video also shows a loyalty some Silicon Valley founders uncover for their personal brands. we mean, what a heck is Luckey doing wearing load shirts and flip flops in Alaska??


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