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Nunavut family travels Mackenzie River, Arctic Ocean to take new vessel home

A family from Kugluktuk, Nunavut, recently purchased a new vessel in Manitoba, usually to expostulate it some-more than 2,000 kilometres to get it home.

“When we are an outward person, and your family likes to go out, that’s since we do this,” pronounced Joe Evyagotailak.

Evyagotailak, his mother and grandson began their 21-day tour only outward a village of Hay River on a Mackenzie River, that eventually empties into a Beaufort Sea.


Joe Evyagotailak and his family trafficked some-more than 20,000 kilometres along a Mackenzie River and into Beaufort Sea to make a tour from Hay River to their home in Kugluktuk. (CBC)

He pronounced that partial of a outing was comparatively tame — for a many part.

“We ran into a timberland glow only before we got to Wrigley,” he said.

“We were looking for a place to camp, and a subsequent thing we started saying fume in front of us. It was kind of scary, since we could see a abandon right on a seaside of a Mackenzie, though we managed to get by since we could see a buoys.”

The family encountered another hiccup when they arrived during a coastal village of Tuktoyaktuk. Adverse continue meant they were trapped for 8 days before relocating on.

Despite a delay, Evyagotailak says it was a good trip, made even improved by a people they met along a way.

Joe Evyagotailak

Joe Evyagotailak and his mother in Tuktoyaktuk. They spent a happy 8 days in a village watchful out bad weather. (submitted by Joe Avyagotailik)

“Just as we were removing tighten to Bennett Point, outward Paulatuk, we saw some immature hunters looking around for beluga.

“They told us there were some polars bears around, and for us to come and have tea, so we went to see a frigid bears and my mother got some good cinema of them swimming, and afterwards we only let them be.”

It’s a third time Evyagotailak has done a trip, and he says “he would go again if [he had] to.

“It is fun, though some days we only have to go, go, go when a continue is nice.”

polar bear

Evyagotailak and his family speckled a few frigid bears swimming nearby Paulatuk. ‘My mother got some good pictures… and afterwards we only let them be.’ (submitted by Joe Evyagotailak)


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