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No. 23 Ole Miss blows divided No. 12 Georgia

No. 14 Tennessee (4-0, 1-0 SEC) brought an finish to an 11-game losing strain to No. 19 Florida (3-1, 1-1 SEC) in resounding conform Saturday afternoon in Neyland Stadium. Down 21-0 in a initial half, Tennessee roared behind with 38 straight points en track to a furious 38-28 feat in a pivotal SEC East battle.

The word “tale of dual halves” gets thrown around a lot, infrequently some-more than necessary, though there was simply no approach to report what only happened in a checkered-out Neyland Stadium. The Vols looked mislaid and messy in a initial half of a game, sharpened themselves in a feet twice inside a Florida 10-yard line with zero to uncover for it. But a second half was a annulment of fortune, as a Vols invulnerability started getting off a domain fast and a offense started clicking. Joshua Dobbs shrugged off an awful initial half and came behind to lead a assign with 4 touchdown passes in a second half, and one some-more on a belligerent only for good measure. Dobbs was Tennessee’s second-leading rusher (behind Jalen Hurd) on tip of flitting for over 300 yards opposite a Gators.

Tennessee took a lead on a play that seemed to be eerily identical to a pivotal play from a year ago. Dobbs found a wide-open Jauan Jennings down a right side of a domain for an easy touchdown. The measure gave a Vols a lead. It was a prolonged flitting play final deteriorate that saw Florida take a lead on a Vols when it seemed a feat was in palm for Tennessee.

The Vols tacked on some-more to put a diversion in he win column, of course. The invulnerability picked off a pass from Austin Appleby on Florida’s initial play of a indirect expostulate and that was fast incited into a touchdown. Florida afterwards had to punt after 3 plays on a subsequent drive, and a Vols scored 4 plays later. The movement had swung behind to Tennessee and never returned to a Gators’ sideline, even after a 16-play touchdown drive. Nothing was interlude Tennessee during this point, as Florida’s disappointment boiled over so much, Brandon Powell was ejected from a diversion in a fourth entertain for throwing a punch.

Trying to figure out what this means for Tennessee going brazen is a bit of a wily proposition. That is since we only don’t unequivocally know that Tennessee was closer to a genuine Tennessee. The SEC East is many really their’s to take this year, with a head-to-head tiebreaker with Florida in a overlay and Georgia looking deplorable on a highway progressing in a day in a blowout detriment during Ole Miss. Tennessee will get a possibility to seize finish control of a multiplication subsequent week when they conduct to Athens to take on those Georgia Bulldogs. A win there and a SEC East climax should be flattering easy to claim, although the Vols still have a highway outing to Texas AM and a home diversion opposite Alabama  after that Georgia game, so there is no easy trail to a SEC East only yet.

And with a severe report forward of them in discussion play a subsequent few weeks, Florida is not out of a design only yet. The Gators get no easy games with LSU and Arkansas in cross-division play, though a diversion during Vanderbilt subsequent week offers a possibility to rebound behind before hosting LSU and Missouri and afterwards holding on Georgia in Jacksonville. Florida can sojourn in a hunt, though a domain for blunder has been reduced as a outcome of this one.


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