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NFL’s Devon Still shares some-more good news about daughter Leah’s condition

Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still is pity some-more good news about his daughter Leah’s conflict with cancer.

In an Instagram post Wednesday, Still pronounced doctors have announced her cancer “officially in REMISSION!”

Four-year-old Leah has been pang from theatre 4 neuroblastoma, a singular form of cancer that can rise from haughtiness cells in children.

Still pronounced final week that Leah seemed to be cancer-free in a evidence indicate after undergoing chemotherapy for a disease. “The doctors told us they didn’t see any active illness in her body!!!” Still wrote Mar 17.

At that point, a family was still available formula of MRI and bone biopsy tests to endorse a cancer was in remission.

A print posted by Devon Still (@man_of_still75) on Mar 25, 2015 during 1:29pm PDT

“June 2, 2014 and Mar 25, 2015 are days we will remember for a rest of my life,” Still wrote in his latest update. “As everybody substantially knows, Jun 2nd was a day doctors walked into a watchful room to tell me my daughter had cancer. It was a many harmful day of my life. Mar 25th , however, is feeling like a best day of my life. Today we perceived news from Leah’s oncologist that her cancer, theatre 4 neuroblastoma, is strictly in REMISSION! After 296 days of day forgetful about what it would feel like to hear a doctors contend my daughter is in remission, we finally know a feeling.”

“When we demeanour during my daughter all we can do is grin and cuddle her,” he continued. “It was not easy though each day, and each diagnosis Leah fought like ruin and kicked cancers butt! I’m so unapproachable and sanctified to call her my daughter.”

Leah’s growth was private final fall, though doctors had usually given her a 50-50 possibility of violence a cancer.

Still remarkable that “Leah is not finished with treatments yet. She still needs some-more to make certain a cancer cells do not lapse and to build behind adult her defence complement and other repairs from a chemo though we know my small soldier will get through.”


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