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NFL should continue to divulge executive pay


The latest open news per NFL remuneration will be a final one, unless a NFL decides to resume tax-exempt standing for a joining office. Moving forward, no one will know how most Commissioner Roger Goodell or other tip executives earn, since a NFL no longer will have a avocation to recover a information about a income paid to Goodell or others.

The doubt continues to be either a NFL should divulge that information voluntarily. Compensation per all players is, necessarily, public. Why shouldn’t a open know what a Commissioner, who evidently is a Commissioner for a whole sport, is being paid by a slight subdivision for that he works?

Absent clarity that no longer will be legally compulsory (and so won’t happen), it will turn unfit to lane a trends in Goodell’s pay, that has forsaken from $44 million in mercantile year 2012 to $35 million in mercantile year 2013 to $34.1 million in mercantile year 2014.

The dump for a year that enclosed a Ray Rice disturbance wasn’t as high as many expected. In Oct 2014, Falcons owners Arthur Blank suggested that Goodell’s remuneration could decline due to a Ray Rice debacle. With Patriots owners Robert Kraft portion as a member of a Compensation Committee, that’s another cause that could have worked opposite Goodell.

For mercantile year 2015 and beyond, there will be no proceed to know what Goodell or his inheritor earns, simply since a enemies of a NFL steadfastly twisted a joining office’s tax-exempt standing into a deceptive (and untrue) idea that a joining was avoiding a taxation obligation. Instead, a income was flitting by a joining bureau to a teams, and a teams were profitable a taxes.

Now, a NFL has sacrificed a taxation structure that certainly had advantages (otherwise a joining wouldn’t have finished it) in sequence to extinguish a slow P.R. brushfire. The combined and for a joining is that a new proceed will make Goodell’s compensate a tip from this indicate forward.


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