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NFL picks 2016, Week 4: Are a Browns unfailing for 0-16?

Last week was not a good one for a panel. The formula were, to use a specific NFL analogy, Jeff Fisher-esque. We had 3 panelists (Jeanna, Joel, and Stephen) who went 9-7. Nobody else managed to tip .500. A lot of 7-9 b.s.

Part of a reason was that we had all 10 of a experts get it wrong on 3 games. In a NFL, it’s not surprising for a organisation of 10 pickers all to get a diversion wrong from one week to a next, though that customarily has some-more to do with a large upset. The Falcons violence a Saints or a Rams violence a Bucs can’t unequivocally be deliberate “big” upsets. Those were only tough games to pick. Everyone picked a Panthers to a kick a Vikings, too, though Minnesota won. Since they were 7-point underdogs, we’ll go forward and call that one an upset.

Minnesota is removing some-more adore this week opposite a Giants on Monday night, though it’s not unanimous. we keep meditative that, eventually, a injuries will locate adult to a Vikings. Maybe. we positively would’ve suspicion that if there was a detriment on a schedule, it was an early deteriorate diversion in Carolina. Picking football games is harder than we think.

Our row doesn’t seem to be overly assured that Buffalo’s thrashing of Arizona final week will do most to assistance Rex Ryan’s group opposite a Patriots this week. That’s substantially wise. Picking opposite a Patriots, only like a Vikings, has been unsteadiness by 3 weeks of a season. we don’t consider that’s going to change yet.

Are a Browns going to go 0-16? They might. It’s only as formidable of a attainment for a group to remove ALL of a games as it is to win them. You can roughly always count on a bad rebound or an ill-prepared favorite or some other outward cause that gives even a crummiest teams a possibility to win one or two. But that’s where we are with a Browns, watchful for an collision to keep them from going 0-16.

So what’s some-more likely, a Browns going 0-16 or a Patriots, Broncos, or Vikings going 16-0?

There are substantially a few of we scratching your conduct during folks picking a Jets to kick a Seahawks. After Ryan Fitzpatrick’s six-interception opening final week opposite a Chiefs, we struggled with that collect myself. However, Seattle is a West Coast group drifting in to play a 1 p.m. ET diversion on a East Coast. That’s a 10 a.m start time on a Pacific, and that’s customarily a high sequence for teams from that side of a nation to do (e.g. a Cardinals final week).

There’s an AFC South with one of those early a.m. starts since a Colts and Jaguars are personification in London. There competence not be a bigger beating than a Jaguars. Mostly we’re only watchful to see if this formula in Gus Bradley’s Brexit.

Even but J.J. Watt, we consider Houston is a intelligent collect to kick a Titans. It’s been a onslaught for Tennessee to measure 16 points in dual of their games. Another sparkling AFC South showdown.

That Houston diversion could be a primary event for one of a row members to barter out their pick, given that we done a picks before news of Watt’s damage broke. To remind you, we give a panelists a possibility to re-pick adult to dual games on Friday.

And here are this week’s picks:


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