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New soldiers in Airbnb battle: PR and politics

Much as Uber upended a cab industry, Airbnb shook adult a camp universe by relating travelers with people fervent to lease out rooms.

Now it’s jolt adult Los Angeles City Hall.

And astonishing Hollywood homeowners promotion hip vacation pads, Venice surfers combing Craigslist for affordable apartments and housekeepers tidying beds during neat downtown hotels have warring armies of PR pros, lobbyists and activists prodding city leaders to strengthen their interests.

Echoing identical battles in New York, San Francisco and in other cities, L.A.’s quarrel pits a “sharing economy,” with a welcome of a buzzword “disruptive,” opposite an astonishing fondness of critics.

Airbnb cuts ties with vacation-rental firms in Los Angeles

The change that triggered this dispute came fast: Airbnb, a pivotal actor in a drama, has succeeded mightily in a small 7 years given it blossomed in Northern California’s fruitful start-up soil. Its business indication — make it easy for budget-minded travelers to bond with homeowners fervent to accelerate their recession-era bottom lines — led to tellurian expansion.

Venture capitalists threw income a way, pulling a value toward $20 billion and moving a slew of imitators to burst into a water. As such websites have grown in popularity, some users have taken a “sharing” indication to another level, handling whole homes and buildings most like hotels.

Not everybody is thrilled.

Housing activists contend a materialisation of charity whole apartments and houses has pushed affordable rentals off a already parsimonious market.

Hotel worker unions advise that this new approach for travelers to bypass normal camp could criticise hard-fought victories for a people who eke out a vital by vacuuming hotel bedrooms or creation adult beds.

Neighborhood activists contend a categorical thing being disrupted is their peculiarity of life.

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And both fans and foes are holding their quarrel into a locus of politics and PR.

Critics have banded together in such groups as Keep Neighborhoods First, a bloc that wants L.A. city agencies to moment down on “commercialized” rentals in criminialized areas.

Housing and area activists have found allies in labor groups disturbed about Airbnb rentals apropos an unregulated choice to hotels where they have won victories.

Meanwhile, Airbnb alone spent some-more than $100,000 final year lobbying city officials.

Though Airbnb has shied from publicly spelling out accurately what kind of regulations it would support in L.A., members of Peers, an advocacy and support organisation for a pity economy, have shown adult during area meetings in Venice and Silver Lake to conflict a clampdown on renting bedrooms or homes.


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