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New Mexico taxpayers balance check for Susana Martinez’s visit travels, news says

Gov. Susana Martinez’s domestic trips during a initial 5 months of a year have cost New Mexico taxpayers reduction than $3,500; however, they have paid some-more than 6 times that volume to cover a cost of her confidence fact during those trips.

According to a Santa Fe New Mexican, state residents have paid a sum of $26,270.98 for a governor’s trips – of that $3,407.58 were losses incurred by Martinez and her staff. The rest – $22,862.40 – was spent for transportation, hotels and food for her confidence team.

The journal tallied a costs of a trips formed off papers performed by a open annals request.

Martinez’s transport this year includes revisit to Washington, D.C., from Feb. 18 by Feb. 22 for meetings of a Republican Governors Association and a National Governors Association. For that trip, a state paid $136.61 to cover losses for a administrator and staff as good as $11,590.66 for her security, a journal reported.

She also stumped for U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio in Kansas before he forsaken out of GOP presidential competition in March.

Part of a reason a governor’s costs are so low in comparison to her confidence personnel’s is that domestic organizations that entice a administrator to out-of-state events frequently compensate for her personal expense.

Martinez, a nation’s usually Latina governor, is a high-profile figure within a GOP. Other trips this year have enclosed stops in Florida, Las Vegas, New York and South Carolina, though a journal did not news itemized losses for all of them.

According to a New Mexican, Martinez is not a initial administrator who has spent taxpayer income to go on domestic trips outward of a state. Her predecessor, Democrat Bill Richardson, spent a lot of time in other states, generally in 2007 when he ran for president.

Martinez is approaching to continue to raise adult transport expenses. Just final week, she went to Dallas for what were characterized by her bureau as domestic meetings of an vague nature.

The governor’s domestic movement cabinet paid for that trip, a orator told a newspaper.

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