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Murray initial to win 2 Olympic tennis singles golds

RIO DE JANEIRO — Andy Murray is creation a robe of accomplishing things that hadn’t been finished in a while.

Or ever.

Murray became a initial tennis actor in Olympic story with dual singles bullion medals, winning his second in a quarrel by wearing down Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina 7-5, 4-6, 6-2, 7-5 during a Rio de Janeiro Games in a final that lasted a tad some-more than 4 hours Sunday.

At a 2012 London Olympics, Murray won a singles bullion and churned doubles china during a All England Club. That, of course, was also a site of his history-making Wimbledon championship in 2013, when he finished a host’s 77-year wait for a British male to explain a trophy.

Murray wins back-to-back golds

  • 5 takeaways: Murray, del Potro and an memorable gold-medal match

    Looking for good theater? Andy Murray and Juan Martin del Potro gave us accurately that in a fantastic gold-medal conflict during a Rio Olympics.

  • Murray won Wimbledon again final month, lifting his Grand Slam pretension count to three.

    The No. 2-seeded Murray took a final games after trailing 5-3 in a fourth set and stopped a resurgent run of a 141st-ranked del Potro, who knocked off No. 1 Novak Djokovic in a initial turn final weekend and No. 3 Rafael Nadal in a semifinals Saturday. No male has ever degraded a tip 3 seeds on a approach to a gold, yet 2009 U.S. champion del Potro certain came tighten before circuitous adult with a china to go alongside his bronze from 2012.

    Del Potro had a louder support, and one fan even yelled something as Murray was about to strike a shot while within dual points from victory. He put a round in a net and glared in a instruction a voice came from. Soon after, a fan wearing a shirt with Argentina’s colors was escorted out.

    Nadal, a 2008 bullion medalist, mislaid 6-2, 6-7 (1), 6-3 progressing Sunday to Kei Nishikori, whose bronze is Japan’s initial Olympic tennis award given 1920.

    The final supposing utterly a contrariety in styles: Murray’s superb returns, inflexible invulnerability and track-down-every-ball justice coverage opposite a 6-foot-6 del Potro’s sepulchral serves and mad forehands. Both group are glorious during doing what they do, and it led to enlarged points. Not all were pretty, though, as they total for 102 spontaneous errors and 85 winners.

    When del Potro dumped a backhand into a net to finish a match, Murray bent his conduct and slumped his shoulders as he walked to a net, looking some-more relieved than thrilled. Del Potro trudged even some-more solemnly forward, afterwards pulled in Murray for a hug.

    They were any on justice for a fourth true day given sleet cleared out play Wednesday, heading organizers to discharge a 24 hours of rest between a semifinals and final. Del Potro was a one who looked a worse for wear from a amassed exertion.

    He would have been a lowest-ranked male to be an Olympic tennis bullion medalist, and this would have been his initial pretension during any contest given Jan 2014. Then, in March, he had a initial of 3 operations on his left wrist that forced him to skip two-plus years’ value of Grand Slam tournaments. His initial vital contest behind was in Jun during Wimbledon, and he is still not totally means to slice ambidextrous backhands a approach he used to, mostly relying on righty slices.

    By a 10th indicate of Sunday’s match, a 26-stroke sell that finished with Murray concealment a forehand, del Potro already looked spent. He sealed his eyes, rolled behind his head, stranded out his tongue and sucked air. By a fourth game, del Potro was resting between points nearby a baseline, disposition brazen with his elbows on his knees, throwing his breath. By a fourth set, he was disposition on his pole as if it were a cane.


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