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Munster: 4" iPhone doesn’t make clarity for rumored Apple eventuality in March


Despite rumors that Apple skeleton to reason a mid-March eventuality to deliver several new products, it competence not make clarity to embody a 4-inch iPhone among them, according to Piper Jaffray researcher Gene Munster.

Were Apple to launch a phone in a spring, it would fast demeanour old-fashioned following a iPhone 7’s approaching Sep launch, Munster wrote in an financier memo performed by AppleInsider. He also remarked that carrying dual iPhone events per year would detract from a releases of other products.

The researcher suggested that Apple will instead combine on a second-generation Apple Watch and a third-generation iPad Air for a Mar event. The former will substantially be an “S” version, he said, with a identical pattern though upgraded components like a improved battery and new rope styles.

The “iPad Air 3” will substantially embody a redesigned body, Force Touch, and improved inner components, Munster said. it competence also offer a Smart Connector same to a iPad Pro.

Munster’s claims are during contingency with new reports indicating that Apple is not usually scheming to launch a new 4-inch phone — alternately referred to as a “iPhone 5se” or “iPhone 6c” — though that a device is already in production. The device competence share similarities with a iPhone 5s, though ascent to an A8 or A9 processor, as good as support for facilities like Apple Pay.

Likewise, rumors have hinted that a Watch itself will be unchanged, though simply collect adult new bands and a watchOS update. The new iPad Air competence indeed have a Smart Connector and a back camera flash, among other improvements, though generally Apple isn’t approaching to supplement 3D Touch to iPads until someday after this fall’s iPhone refresh.


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