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Mouse Connoisseur? Treat Yourself to a Logitech MX Master


Look during your mouse. Now demeanour during a Logitech MX Master. Is there any comparison? Maybe, if you’re a expert of excellent mice and already have an considerable specimen. But this latest marginal competence be a many considerable of a class — when it comes to productivity, anyway (gamers have their possess needs). The ubiquitous figure of a wireless MX Master competence be informed to users of prior Logitech mice, though this one adds a few new twists. Up tip is a corkscrew circle that clicks when we stagger it slowly, though spins fast and frictionlessly if we give it a genuine go. A second wheel, for laterally scrolling or swapping applications, resides nearby a ride shelf, giving that idle number something to do. Meanwhile, a special dongle lets we barter a rodent between any 3 inclination fast — no some-more swapping dongles or fiddling with Bluetooth settings.

A hundred bucks is a lot to bombard out for a mouse, though like so many things, we tend to get what we compensate for. A plain rodent can final for many years, while a inexpensive one competence wear out after one or two, and be a pain to use a whole while. The MX Master is shipping now (for free) — you can sequence one during Logitech’s site.



—Devin Coldewey

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