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Mother killed in NJ pile-up was ‘sweetest chairman on a planet’





National Transportation Safety Board Vice Chair T. Bella Dinh-Zarr describes a dangers investigators face during a site of a New Jersey movement sight pile-up in Hoboken.

HOBOKEN, N.J. — Fabiola Bittar de Kroon was one half of an ubiquitous couple, a 34-year-old local of Brazil who landed in Hoboken progressing this year with her globe-trotting father and their 18-month-old daughter.

They were a happy, energetic integrate with skeleton for a second child. She left her post as a corporate counsel in Brazil after her husband, creatively from a Netherlands, supposed a position in a U.S. with a tellurian wine company, according to friends.

On Thursday morning, de Kroon forsaken her daughter, Julia, during day care. Not prolonged after, she was dead, killed by descending waste during Hoboken Terminal when a NJ Transit sight barreled by a separator and into a wall of a station’s watchful room.

De Kroon was a sole deadliness of Thursday’s commuter rail accident.

“She was usually a sweetest chairman on a planet,” pronounced Ruben Rosado, who was in an MBA module with her husband, Daan, during Florida International University in Miami.

“They were a unusual couple. They were usually — both of them — they were meant for any other, ideal for any other,” Rosado added. “You know how they contend dual people turn one when we get married? It was like that. Half of him is left forever.”

Daan de Kroon, Rosado said, expects to accompany his wife’s physique to Brazil on Sunday.

“He’s now meditative of giving Julia a best to respect Fabiola since that’s how he sees it — now he has to be a best primogenitor for her,” pronounced Lina Maria Arango, who also was in a MBA module with Daan and spoke with him Friday.

Arango noticed that as a certain pointer for her lamentation friend: “There is Julia to give him that support to keep going.”

Arango removed de Kroon as one of “those people who are a good essence that we encounter.” She pronounced de Kroon desired to take Zumba classes and to dance. Arango pronounced she was a really happy, really intelligent person, observant she was not usually a counsel though had warranted an MBA from a university after her husband. Her LinkedIn page shows she attended a university from 2009 to 2011.

“They both are — were — really pointy in a sense, a opposite kind of multiply since Daan is also like a citizen of a world, he has lived in so many opposite tools of a world. She always desired to travel, too,” Arango said. “They trafficked whenever they could.”

The dual were married in Brazil about 8 years ago in a same church where her relatives were wed, pronounced Rosado, who attended a wedding. He pronounced a integrate was vital in Miami during a time.

The span after relocated to Brazil where she many recently worked for SAP, a business program giant, commencement in 2013, according to her LinkedIn page. She worked in a company’s authorised dialect and left a position progressing this year, pronounced Atle Erlingsson, a orator for a company.

That page shows her initial jobs were as an novice during Legal Aid in Saõ Paulo, Brazil, and afterwards as a rapist charge novice in a Brazilian state of Saõ Paulo. It also indicates she worked as a authorised administrator for LG Electronics. Before that, she was a manager for brol.com, a Brazilian association specializing in customized debate packages, and as an associate counsel for a authorised organisation in Saõ Paulo.

Her mother, Sueli Bittar, told a Brazilian news website that a family was “in a state of shock.”

“Now, in this moment, a priority is to move a physique of a daughter behind to Brazil. We are embarking for a United States to assist a process,” she said.

A mouthpiece for a consulate ubiquitous of Brazil in New York pronounced that a bureau is in hold with a family and “helping them in any probable way.”

Karlos Magner, owners of a Smart Start Academy, pronounced de Kroon’s daughter has been attending a Hoboken day caring for several months. He pronounced that de Kroon would dump off her daughter many mornings between 7:30 and 8 a.m. and collect her adult by 1 p.m.

“Her daughter started immediately as shortly as she changed to a neighborhood,” he said. “She didn’t have anyone here … and she put her in there so we are like her second family to a child.”

He pronounced she was a friendly, concerned primogenitor who participated in events during a school.

“She was a complicated mother, she wanted to do things with a child, and other children in a classroom and other mothers as well,” he said. “We are all a family, all a children, and she would hang out with a other mothers during a park.”

“That’s since a lot of a mothers were good yesterday since they found out, they were usually personification with her Saturday during a park,” he added.

Magner pronounced de Kroon’s father called to tell him of her genocide during 11 a.m. Thursday; he was out of state on business and came to collect adult his daughter after in a day.

The propagandize is organizing a burial for subsequent Thursday during Columbus Park, a place where de Kroon would spend time with a other mothers and children from a school.

“She was a good lady, and we know her child will review about this one day, and we wish her to know her mom was a good person,” he said.

He pronounced he spoke to de Kroon quickly on Thursday morning when she forsaken off her daughter.

“She left her with me, we put divided her hiker and she went on her way,” he said. “She was walking toward a PATH or going to take a train.”

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