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Mindy Kaling’s Estranged Brother, Vijay Chokal-Ingam, Pretended to Be Black to …

UPDATE: Mindy Kaling’s repute tells Us Weekly: “Mindy has been disloyal from her hermit for years. She was not wakeful of his preference to request to medical propagandize underneath a opposite name and race.”

Umm, what? While Mindy Kaling was essay and starring in The Mindy Project, her comparison hermit Vijay Chokal-Ingam, was operative on a devise of his own: removing into medical school. 

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To foster his arriving book, Almost Black: The True Story of an Indian American Who Got Into Medical School Posing as an African American, Chokal-Ingam, 38, posted sum of how he presumably got into medical propagandize by changing his competition on his website

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“In my youth year of college, we satisfied that we didn’t have a grades or exam scores to get into medical school, during slightest not as an Indian-American,” he wrote. “Still, we was dynamic to turn a alloy and we knew that acknowledgment standards for certain minorities underneath certain movement were, let’s say… reduction stringent?”

Mindy Kaling reportedly did not approve of her brother's preference to tell his story.

Chokal-Ingam went on to trim his head, trim his eyelashes, and join a Organization of Black Students, regulating his center name Jojo. With these new credentials, and a same 3.1 GPA and 31 MCAT score, Chokal-Ingam allegedly was certified as an African-American student. 

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“I became a critical contender during some of a biggest medical schools in America, including Harvard, Wash U, UPenn, Case Western, and Columbia,” he continued. “In all, we interviewed during eleven prestigious medical schools in 9 vital cities opposite America, while posing as a black man.”

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He did acknowledge that there were some downsides to his plan, claiming: “Cops tormented me. Store office indicted me of shoplifting. Women were possibly frightened of me or couldn’t keep their hands off me.” 

Chokal-Ingam eventually attended St. Louis University’s medical school, though forsaken out after dual years when he satisfied he didn’t wish to be a doctor. 

As for how Kaling, 35, is holding a news? According to her comparison brother, she does not approve. 

“I adore my sister to death,” Chokal-Ingam told Page Six, though admitted, “She says this will move contrition on a family.”


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