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Microsoft: Our Android Windows 10 overpass is dead, though iOS, Win32 ones relocating ahead

The day after announcing it had purchased cross-platform mobile apparatus businessman Xamarin, Microsoft officials are charity a few new sum about a company’s Universal Windows Platforms onboarding strategy.


As formerly rumored, Microsoft is dropping work on a Android “bridge,” or toolkit for bringing Android apps to Windows 10. It’s putting all a mobile-toolkit eggs in a iOS overpass basket instead.

Microsoft execs are not nonetheless going so distant as to announce that Xamarin will be pivotal to Microsoft’s query to attract developers to write Universal — and not usually Universal Windows Platform — apps, regulating a common horizon and set of tools, that aim handling systems including, though not singular to Windows 10. That’s what many of us attention watchers are awaiting might occur during some point.

Instead, Microsoft officials are opening adult some-more on what’s subsequent for a company’s bridges, or growth toolkits, for Windows 10, that they design to offer alongside Xamarin’s record that allows C# and F# developers to write local apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS.

“We’re vehement to have Xamarin join Microsoft and a opportunities it will offer developers – creation it easy to share common app formula opposite Windows, iOS, and Android apps while still delivering fully-native practice for any of a platforms,” pronounced Corporate Vice President of Program Management for a Windows Developer Platform group Kevin Gallo in a Feb 25 blog post about Microsoft’s elaborating Windows 10 developer strategy.

But a infancy of Gallo’s post is a standing news on Microsoft’s latest change in a Windows 10 overpass plans.

About a year ago, Microsoft execs done most of a company’s devise to assistance relieve a mobile-app opening for Windows and Windows Phone around a handful of bridges.

Microsoft delivered a overpass for branch web sites into Windows 10 apps, that was codenamed “Westminster.” In partnership with MobilizeNet, it also delivered a overpass for bringing Silverlight apps to a Universal Windows Platform.

But Microsoft behind a “Centennial” overpass for bringing Win32 apps to a Windows Store, and was rumored to have also delayed and presumably tabled a Android brige, codenamed “Astoria.”

However, it wasn’t until Gallo’s post currently that Microsoft strictly acknowledged a association is dropping skeleton for a Android bridge.

Gallo pronounced that Microsoft perceived feedback that developers found carrying both a iOS and Android bridges treacherous and unnecessary, presumably since many mobile apps exist on both of these platforms already. The iOS overpass will be Microsoft’s usually overpass for bringing ,mobile formula to all Windows 10 devices, including Xbox, Gallo suggested today.

Windows 10 during 6 months: Ready for primetime?

Windows 10 during 6 months: Ready for primetime?

Windows 10 has been accessible to a open for 6 months this week. By a numbers, it’s been a hit, with 200 million active users as of a initial of a year. Here’s my midterm report.

“We have delicately deliberate this feedback and motionless that we would concentration a efforts on a Windows Bridge for iOS and make it a singular Bridge choice for bringing mobile formula to all Windows 10 devices, including Xbox and PCs. For those developers who spent time questioning a Android Bridge, we strongly inspire we to take a demeanour during a iOS Bridge and Xamarin as good solutions,” Gallo said.

In August, Microsoft open sourced a formula for a “Islandwood” bridge, that is a one for developers meddlesome in porting their iOS apps to Windows 10, to Github. Last week, Microsoft expelled an refurbish that enclosed a initial ARM32 preview compiler dump for Islandwood, Gallo said.

Last Fall, Microsoft behind accessibility of a “Centennial” bridge, that is a one for assisting developers move their Win32 apps to Windows 10 devices, until some time in 2016.

Gallo pronounced currently that Centennial is “in contrast with a set of developers now.” He pronounced Microsoft skeleton to have “an early iteration of a collection soon,” and will enhance to support some-more developers after that.


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