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Microsoft hands out $56m to 5 executives in 2016

For a 2016 mercantile year, Microsoft arch executive officer Satya Nadella took home a sum income of $17.7 million comprised of a $1.2 million bottom salary, a $4.5 million bonus, and $12 million in batch awards.

According to Microsoft, Nadella’s share total extend was awarded by a house of directors in approval of his opening and to acknowledge a “strategic clarity” he has combined for Microsoft.

Similarly, former arch handling officer B Kevin Turner, who left his reign during a tech hulk in Jul this year, was handed a money inducement endowment of $2.4 million and a $9.5 million batch award, withdrawal his annual income usually bashful of $13 million.

In a Proxy Statement filed on Monday, a association also minute that executive clamp boss and arch financial officer Amy E Hood had a $10.3 million package; Microsoft’s president, arch authorised officer, and arch correspondence officer Bradford L Smith took $8.6 million; and executive clamp boss of Business Development Margaret L Johnson perceived $6.7 million.

Nadella warranted some-more than $18 million in mercantile 2015, holding home 120 percent of his targeted annual money award, valued during $4.3 million, that was distributed formed on “performance opposite his core priorities and operational opening of Microsoft”. The residue was comprised of $1.2 million in income and $12.8 million in stock.

In mercantile 2014, Nadella warranted a $3.6 million bonus, a bottom income of $919,000, and a batch endowment of $80 million, usually partial of that he was means to collect during a time. Nadella’s cash reward in 2014 was 141 percent of his targeted award.

Upon holding adult a CEO promotion, Nadella was betrothed a $59.2 million long-term opening batch endowment remuneration that he is not authorised to drop into until 2019, providing he continues to offer as CEO.

For a 2016 mercantile year, Microsoft reported net income of $16.8 billion, on income of $85.3 billion. Non-GAAP revenue, that reflects Windows 10 sales deferrals, was $92 billion with a tech giant’s formula helped by reduce taxation rates abroad.

Last month, Microsoft cut approximately 520 jobs, inspiring especially a London and Redmond, Washington offices. The latest turn of cuts follow on from a proclamation Microsoft done in Jul that it was formulation on reducing a workforce by 2,850 jobs in a 2017 mercantile year, in further to a 1,850 designed cuts announced dual months prior.


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