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Miami Sailor Travels Backward Path to Rio Olympics

Miami soldier Dave Hughes has navigated a retrograde trail to a Rio Olympics.

At age 38, this will be Hughes’ initial time competing in a summer games as an athlete. But only 4 years ago, he was an Olympic sailing coach.

“I theory my Olympic heat was still there (after London 2012),” pronounced Hughes. “And that’s when we partnered adult with a man who kick me during a 2008 trials.”

Hughes pauses and smiles.

“That awesomeness is not mislaid on me during all.”

Hughes and Stu Mcnay will be in a vessel a distance of a car, competing in an eventuality called a 2-man 470.

“The genuine communication of what happens in sailing is when you’re clicking with your partner on a mental level,” explains Hughes.

Hughes grew adult in Maine, though started training in Miami 10 years ago since of good sailing conditions and a annual sailing universe crater in Coconut Grove.

In Rio, Hughes and Mcnay are deliberate among a tip 5 teams in a field. And they don’t miss in confidence.

The front page of their website mcnayhughes.com recently said:

“Simple goal; bullion medal. We’ve been there before. We know what it takes. This is not about only going to a Olympics. We already have adequate t-shirts.”

“I consider it says it all,” Hughes told NBC 6. “We’re there to move behind a medal, that’s what we do. We adore a Olympic experience, though we’re only seething during a mouth about a competition.”


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