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Meet ‘The Magnificent Seven’s’ Haley Bennett, a singer who’s about to be everywhere

She’s a sole lady in “The Magnificent Seven.” She’s a (seemingly) ideal mother with a terrible tip in “The Girl on a Train.” And she’s personification a starlet conflicting Warren Beatty in a maestro actor’s nearing Howard Hughes movie, “Rules Don’t Apply.”

But even with 3 vital films nearing in theaters in a space of dual months, a thing that’s sparkling Haley Bennett a many during a impulse is a awaiting of assembly Martha Stewart when they’re both scheduled to seem on Seth Meyers’ late-night uncover in October.

“Can we please hang out with her?” Bennett asks her publicist, holding a mangle from compelling “The Magnificent Seven” during a Toronto International Film Festival. “I’d only wish to ask her if we could live with her for like a month. That’s all. Just a month.”

'The Magnificent Seven' trailer

‘The Magnificent Seven’ trailer

“The Magnificent Seven” trailer.

“The Magnificent Seven” trailer.

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Now it competence seem peculiar on a aspect for a 28-year-old singer who grew adult in a backwoods of Ohio, a immature lady learned in shooting, horseback roving and procuring borderline-legal fireworks, to be that stoked about unresolved with homemaking lord Stewart.

Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke and Chris Pratt.

Hawke says he was primarily questionable of Bennett, examination her mangle her equine “with her small carp safeguarding her from a sun.” But he fast came to honour her work ethic. A branch indicate came with a cast’s Fourth of Jul celebration during Hawke’s rented residence — to that Bennett showed adult with a pink cobbler. As a actor describes it: “There were songs, fireworks, nearby brawls, delight and a lot of wives who wanted to disgust her. But Haley was always there floating above a feverishness of a ravel with pristine positivity.

“Throughout, she was a sole lady in a center of an comprehensive tsunami of testosterone,” Hawke adds. “But she kept her cool.”

Bennett howls when familiar of Hawke’s comments. (Especially a “wives” part.) Like other actresses of her generation, she possesses an unapologetic, I-am-what-I-am genuineness. And she’s equally during home wearing a gun holster on a set or a borrowed western-tinged Stella McCartney dress to an interview. Or, in a difference of “Girl on a Train” writer Marc Platt, she’s both “ethereal” and “inviting.” (You try pulling that off. It’s not easy.)

In further to a Independence Day pink cobbler, Bennett brought a vat of packet juleps (initially she suspicion it was “very clever alcoholic honeyed tea,” though that contingency have been another occasion) to a “Magnificent” whack and granted all a fireworks. “I’ve got a few tricks adult my sleeve,” she says, smiling.

'The Girl On The Train' trailer

‘The Girl On The Train’ trailer

“The Girl On The Train” features Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans and Allison Janney.

“The Girl On The Train” features Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans and Allison Janney.

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Third slice: Lemon meringue

While in a center of this testosterone tsunami, Bennett gathering to Baton Rouge’s Books-a-Million one day and spied a novel that betrothed a story told from a viewpoint of 3 womanlike narrators. Sold. The book was “The Girl on a Train,” Paula Hawkins’ best-selling psychological-thriller. And it only so happened that “Magnificent Seven” dress engineer Sharen Davis had worked with Tate Taylor (“The Help”), who was creation a film chronicle of “Girl.” Davis told Taylor he indispensable to accommodate Bennett.

So on a day off, Bennett gathering 4 hours from Baton Rouge to Taylor’s home in Mississippi, listening to Janis Joplin a whole approach (Bennett has an “extreme fear” of freeways, and Janis got her by it) and anticipating a lemon meringue cake she baked — her favorite pie, by a approach — wouldn’t warp on a journey. (It did. But it was still delicious.)

“You know, there was that really special cake in ‘The Help,’ a poop pie,” Bennett starts, giggling. “So we suspicion it would be kind of impertinent and humorous to move a cake to lunch.

“Tate and we got on like a residence on fire, maybe since we had a same prolonged arena to success,” she continues. “And Tate says, ‘We’ve both been served the share of [poop] pies in the time.’ And off we went.”


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